Why Every Sign Is About To Feel More Spontaneous At The Start Of October

by Rosey Baker

Do you remember what you were doing around the new moon in Aries on April 26, 2017? Go through your emails, calendars and text messages for that day, because there are likely to be clues about what your intention was at that time, and on Oct. 5, 2017, the full moon in Aries 2017 should be bringing you the chance to harvest the fruits of your labor. Moon manifestations work through a six-month cycle, with new moons corresponding to full moons. So, if you have a full moon coming up, you should always look at the new moon that occurred six months prior to see what goals you were actively setting at that time.

New moons should be used to plant seeds and start taking actions to carry out your goals. Use the energy of this phase to set intentions for your journey or start a new project, move, purchases, etc. This is the optimal time to make plans for what you'd like to come into fruition.

When the corresponding full moon arrives, you can use the energy of that full moon to harvest the seeds you planted six months ago, to see how far you have come and where you've slacked off. This (very emotional) lunar phase takes place when the sun and moon are opposite in the zodiac and will give you the push to let go of the things, people, and circumstances that no longer serve you. Work on your own desires, adjust your sails, and review what may have gotten in the way of you carrying out your new moon intentions. Keep what worked for you, and get rid of what didn't.

What was the new moon in April about?

The new moon on April 26 was in the sign of Taurus, which means that it carried with it an energy that was all about setting foundations for new ways of thinking. Taurus is all about personal, spiritual, and material values. It's likely that around this time there was something changing in terms of what your value system was, and what you'd like it to be.

Perhaps the way you were making money wasn't giving you as much joy as it could have, and you wanted to begin making money in a way that paid off more than just financially. Perhaps there was a business or personal relationship you were feeling paid off in one way, but wasn't bringing you the stability you needed, and you wanted to pursue something more stable. Either way, there was a shift in values happening, and you were most likely finding ways to shift your life in accordance with that new value system coming in.

How will the full moon of October help?

The full moon in October is in Aries, which is a sign that is all about conquering. Aries goes after what it wants. Aries is powerful, hot-headed, impatient, and somewhat accident prone (due to overzealousness.) With the full moon in Aries, we're likely to feel great about all the progress we've made toward our goals already, which will energize us.

However, Aries doesn't like having to readjust, or even look at where they'll have to make readjustments, so if there are changes you need to make or tactics you'll need to let go of, this can cause some frustration around this time. Internal conflicts are likely as well, and if so, I'd encourage you to go with the more courageous choice... keeping in mind that it sometimes takes courage to learn to let go.

If you don't already, I'd encourage anyone who regularly reads my articles to start a moon journal, where you can keep track of specific goals you are setting and what you're doing to make them happen around the time of the new and full moons. Not only will writing your goals down help you achieve them, but it can serve as a powerful therapeutic outlet as well.