What It Could Mean If You Were Born On A Full Moon

by Rosey Baker

Astrology takes into account the position and sign the moon is in when you're born, and these have a strong impact on your personality and character, but what it doesn't account for is the cycle the moon was in, which can have a major impact on your life. For years, human beings have had an obsessive interest in the full moon, and the effects it has on the behavior of all life on Earth, especially in us human beings. Not only are the tides affected, but so are menstrual cycles, the quality of our sleep, and it seems the gravitational pull of the moon also increases the number of births that occur. Astrology has its own theories about those born on a full moon, and they're interesting to look into, considering most birth charts don't pay enough attention to the impact of the moon's cycle on your personality.

And considering so many people are born on a full moon, you might consider taking a look into how this could affect you. If you don't know whether or not you were born on a full moon, take a look at this handy calculator to find out if you were a werewolf baby. (Editor's Note: I made up this term. You're not really a werewolf, but it's fun to call yourself a werewolf baby.)

The Full Moon's Effect on Your Emotions

A full moon always occurs when the moon is directly opposite from the sun, meaning that the sign it is located in will be opposite the sign the sun is in at the time. Since the sun sign represents your logical mind and the moon represents your heart, you'll find that your heart and your mind often pull you in opposite directions.

As someone born on the full moon, you'll probably have a lot of different desires and needs simultaneously, as many of us do when a full moon occurs. The variations in your desires could make you someone who is difficult to depend on, as your mind can change in an instant. What you do excel in though, is being there during times of crisis, as you find them stimulating and this can make you a fantastic problem solver, so long as you're grounded enough to see things through.

The Full Moon's Effect On Your Relationships


Being an unpredictable full moon kid, you have an exciting kind of charm. You're always down for an adventure, and you might create one if you can't find one by seeking it out. This draws others toward you because you're innately more exciting to be around than other people. People will love to ride the rollercoaster of life with you because you actually enjoy the highs and lows. You feel what you feel, and you do what you love. That's your appeal.

The key is to balance your energy, to slow down enough to make sure that you appropriately channel your energy. You might feel as if the people around you are trying to control you, when in fact you could learn a thing or two from them if you're willing to slow down and open up to their more grounded influence.

You can listen to your own impulses without carrying them out every single time. This is a challenge for full moon children, but if you allow yourself to have your feelings while giving yourself time before acting out on them, you'll find the most important impulses stick around. Those are the ones you should follow through on.

Full Moon Extroverts vs. Introverts

If you're a more extroverted full moon kid, you are likely to be noticed wherever you go. You have a powerful, palpable presence in a room, even without having to say anything. You are a wild child, and people love that energy, but be aware of your ability to wear people a little too thin. Not everyone else has your boundless energy.

Full moon people who are more introverted have the same personal magnetism as those who are extroverted, although it's all hidden deeply under the surface. You may find wild people are drawn to you and you may not know why; the truth is because they can sense the same passion inside of you that they have within them.

The most important thing for anyone born on a full moon is to tune into their own energy. The moon has a powerful effect on your energy, both physical and spiritual. Balance all your inner contradictions if you want to build a successful and happy life. Ride the tides of your desires and logic without either suppressing them or letting them take over you completely. This will take time, but it's part of your life path.

The better you get at listening to yourself, the better you'll be at listening to others, and your skills as a negotiator will become a great asset to you. You'll be able to serve as a bridge of understanding between people with wildly opposite viewpoints, just as you are for your own opposing desires.

If you weren't born on a full moon, don't feel too left out. It doesn't mean the moon's cycle didn't have a major impact on you as well. Keep an eye out for my follow up series on how the moon's cycle affects your personality based on your birthdate. I promise to include everyone.

This post was originally published on Sept. 7, 2017. It was updated on Sept. 3, 2019.