Francesca & Harry's Relationship Timeline Is Too Complex To Handle

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Even weeks after watching Too Hot to Handle, there are two things I still can't figure out: the reason SharRhonda split, and what happened to Frarry after filming wrapped. (TBH, I'd also love to know what exactly SharRhonda did in the private suite that cost $16,000.) Because they couldn't reveal where they stood until a year after filming, Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey's relationship timeline is largely a mystery. Fans will likely never understand exactly what went down between these two, but after extensive IG creeping, I've just about figured out the series of events that took place between the end of production and the Ring Pop proposal.

THTH fans likely know by now that Farago and Jowsey split up before getting back together. What isn't clear is how long that breakup lasted. Initially, the two made it seem as though the split was brief, but other reports suggest that the two didn't speak for eight (!!!) months. Either way, the couple seems stronger than ever now. As Jowsey told Oprah magazine, "Once we had a break, we were in a much better place. We value each other so much more. And we genuinely want to help each other succeed and be happy." Aw. Here's how the last year played out for Frarry.

They Met In April 2019

Though THTH didn't drop on Netflix until April 17, the series was filmed nearly a year before its premiere. Executive producer Viki Kolar told Refinery29 that the cast arrived "a couple of days before the shoot" in March 2019, and filming took place for "24 to 25 days in April 2019." That means that Farago and Jowsey first locked eyes on each other in April... and that also means that they had to keep their post-production relationship a secret until April 23, a week after THTH's debut. So basically, it was up to fans (including me) to figure out what happened after production wrapped and before Frarry became IG official.

Jowsey Visited Vancouver In May 2019

The couple spent another rule-free week in Mexico post-production, and though they discussed moving together to Vancouver (where Farago is from), Jowsey ended up returning to Queensland, Australia instead. However, he did fly out to Canada in late May, where he celebrated his birthday in Vancouver with Farago. The two also visited Farago's parents' home in Ottawa, Ontario. As Farago told Us Weekly, "He met my parents, he met my Nona, he met all my friends." Oh, and they casually got matching lightening bolt tattoos on their fingers. Side note: That green Lamborghini in the above pic? Yeah, that's Farago's ride.

Farago Visited Queensland In June 2019

A few weeks after he visited her in Canada, Farago paid a visit to Jowsey's family farm in Queensland, where she got to meet his parents as well. The Aussie native took Farago to see some kangaroos Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary, and they both posted pics from the park on June 30 (though their photos didn't include each other, of course). Peep Farago's IG Highlights if you want to see her (many) Insta Stories from the trip.

They Broke Up In July 2019

Though it's unclear when exactly they broke up, the two decided to split sometime after Farago's trip to Australia. "I think we had a few miscommunication areas, and we just didn't see eye to eye on a couple of things," Jowsey later explained to Glamour. "Plus, I was in Australia and New Zealand at the time. I was just packing up my life to get ready to do the big move. So it was a massively stressful time, and I think I dumped a lot of my stress and pressure on Francesca."

Farago's July 14 IG post about stupid boys suggests that their breaking point came sometime in July. There's also her cryptic selfie from July 22, which she captioned, "A man will always act right for the one he wants," followed by a lightning bolt emoji. Lighting bolt tattoos, lighting bolt emoji... just saying!

Jowsey Moved To L.A. In August 2019

Jowsey finally relocated to Los Angeles in August, but here's where things a little confusing. The couple has suggested in some interviews that the move made things easier for them and they got back together after "a few months." However, during the May reunion special, they clarified that they didn't talk for eight whole months after their breakup. Jowsey may have even dated fellow THTH alum Madison Wyborny during that time, but that's a whole other story.

They Reconciled In February 2020

Whether they had any communication in between July and February is unclear, but both Farago and Jowsey made it very clear on Valentine's Day that they were single and ready to mingle. Farago posted a sassy bikini photo on IG with the geotag "Single Island," which she captioned, "happy V day to everyone getting drunk w their friends tonight & NOT texting their exes." A few weeks before that, Jowsey got #introspective with a solo Insta pic, writing, "As Valentine's Day approaches it's a good time to think about relationships and how it's two people coming together to solve problems you wouldn't have if you were just single 🤔." Shade alert!

However, soon after Feb. 14, Farago posted three bikini pics in quick succession, which she captioned, "missing you" "new beginnings" and "always been you," respectively. Then, on March 9, Jowsey posted a throwback pic from New Zealand with the caption, "Back when I had no hand tattoos and didn't make any bad decisions." I'm not sure whether the "bad decision" he's alluding to was his breakup with Farago or getting together with her in the first place, but I'm interpreting it as the former.

Finally, on April 23, they put curious Frarry shippers at ease by making themselves IG official. Since then, they've posted tons of pics together, but it seems to me that they're mostly (if not all) throwbacks. After all, Farago debuted her new bangs on Feb. 23, and none of the pics she's posted with Jowsey include her stylish fringe. Does this mean they haven't actually seen each other since getting back together? Your guess is as good as mine!

They Get (Sort Of) Engaged In May 2020

Just about a year after they first met, Jowsey popped the question with a Ring Pop during the THTH virtual reunion special, which aired on May 8. Though it doesn't sound like the proposal was actually legit, the couple has confirmed that they plan on tying the knot, so it's probably only a matter of time before they get engaged for real.

Thanks for the wild ride, guys. I can't wait to see what happens next for you two!

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