'Too Hot To Handle's Harry Reportedly Secretly Dated Madison For Months

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Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, I think most people can agree that Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago were the most entertaining part of Netflix's Too Hot to Handle. Their relationship was seriously tested — like when Jowsey told the guys that Farago kissed him, or when Farago was tempted by both Kelz Dyke and Kori Sampson to stray. However, the two always found their way back together, and now they're officially engaged. What you may not know is that when Frarry briefly split after THTH, Harry Jowsey and Madison Wyborny reportedly dated... for months. (Elite Daily reached out to reps for both Jowsey and Wyborny for comment but didn't hear back in time for publication.)

As you probably recall, Wyborny didn't arrive at the Mexican villa until episode six and — save for a cringey convo with J̶e̶s̶u̶s̶ Matthew Smith — Wyborny had little interaction with her fellow serial swipers. But just like Bryce Hirschberg and Nicole O'Brien, Jowsey and Wyborny apparently formed a connection after filming wrapped. According to a source for the Daily Mail Australia, Jowsey slid into Wyborny's DMs three weeks after THTH concluded, and "they began talking as friends." But reportedly, what started as a friendship later turned romantic. Um, Lana, did you know about this?

Though Jowsey and Farago discussed moving to Vancouver, Canada (where Farago is from) at the end of the series, Jowsey ended up returning to Queensland, Australia, and the complications of long-distance dating made the pair decide to break up after a few months. "It's really hard being long-distance from Australia to Vancouver," Farago previously told Elite Daily. "We broke up for a bit." Jowsey later relocated to L.A. and the two reconnected, but in the time they were apart, Jowsey and Wyborny reportedly had a summer fling. The Daily Mail insider claimed that Jowsey even invited Wyborny to join him on a trip to Bali in June, but she said no.

According to the source (as well as Wyborny's IG) the model did agree to fly to Australia in late August. She has since deleted a shot of herself on what appeared to be Jowsey's Queensland farm, as well as a pic from Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary, but a few moody captions with Australia geotags suggest the trip didn't go as planned. One IG pic from Queensland she captioned, "So if I fall in love with my problems will they leave me too?" Another pic from Australia (which she posted on her photography account) she captioned, "When I asked to get f*cked I did not mean by life." Hmm...

As the Daily Mail source claimed, the trouble with Jowsey and Wyborny began while they were at a bar in Brisbane, where Jowsey was getting a bit too flirtatious with other women. The pair had planned on taking a trip to New Zealand together following Wyborny's Queensland visit, but Jowsey took off without her, telling her "it was over and that she should go home [to L.A.] without him." Yikes.

Apparently, Jowsey didn't apologize for the last-minute change of heart until December, but when he did, the two reconciled. That is, until Farago came back into Jowsey's life in February. "He ended things with Madison and got back with Francesca without giving her proper closure," the source said. "She found out Harry had got back with Francesca after they re-shared Instagram posts together — it was a bit of a shock!"

Neither Jowsey nor Wyborny has commented on these rumors, so their rumored romance could be just that: a rumor. But TBH, until Netflix announces a second season of Too Hot to Handle, I'll take all the THTH Season One drama I can get!

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