Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey's astrological compatibility is not ideal

'Too Hot To Handle's Francesca & Harry's Astrological Compatibility Is Tricky


Francesca and Harry's love story is a classic one: boy meets girl, boy and girl are told they can't touch each other, boy and girl touch each other anyway and rack up $32,000 in penalties, boy proposes to girl with a Ring Pop over Zoom... OK, maybe their courtship wasn't totally conventional. But try as I might, I can't help but root for Frarry and their Too Hot to Handle hookup-turned-relationship. That's why it pains me to say that Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey's astrological compatibility is... less than ideal. In fact, their zodiac signs may just make one of the worst astrological pairings out there.

Farago was born on Nov. 19, which makes her a sensual, secretive Scorpio. Jowsey's birthday falls on May 24, making him an impulsive and indecisive Gemini. Few signs are as destined to get on each other's nerves as these two, mostly because they couldn't be more different if they tried. While Geminis are unemotional extroverts, Scorpios are cagey, quiet, and 100% in their feels. Scorpios value reliability and consistency, while Geminis can't even predict their own actions. Basically, Geminis are goofy, gregarious rays of sunshine, and Scorpios are brooding, moody storm clouds. Sorry to rain on your parade, guys.

There's a reason why Farago was so upset when Jowsey lied about who initiated their first kiss: Trust is everything for a Scorpio. Those born under this sign tend to believe everyone implicitly — that is, until the moment they get a whiff of dishonesty. Then that trust is lost, oftentimes for good. As Farago explained to Esquire in April, a happy-go-luck Gem like Jowsey is far easier to forgive than a seemingly-sneaky Scorpio. " was easy for people to blame me and, like, just brush me off as the bad guy, because I'm not that lovable big Australian guy with a massive smile on his face 24/7," she said, and IMO, she makes a good point.

Scorpios like holding grudges, but they love getting even. While a Gemini wouldn't dream of being duplicitous, a Scorpio basically spends every night dreaming up revenge plots. As soon as she realized how Jowsey betrayed her, Farago was quick to take up with Kelz Dyke — not because she wanted him, but because she wanted to make Jowsey jealous. And let's not forget that $3,000 revenge kiss Farago shared with Haley Cureton, which was a #TotalScorpioMove. Though the model claims to have moved on from Jowsey's little white lie, you never really know with a Scorpio.

Despite being incredibly intelligent, Gems tend to have the emotional depth of a puddle. Those born under Gemini are pretty much allergic to feelings, so instead of expressing themselves, they allow their totally unpredictable whims and moods guide them. The result: You never know what a Gemini is thinking, and you can never guess what they'll do next. For instance, Farago likely wasn't expecting that impulsive Ring Pop proposal during the virtual reunion, when Jowsey got down on one knee in his bedroom and said, "Do you wanna do this thing?" Farago later told Variety it was a "cute gesture." Translation: That's not going to cut it, my dude.

Because Scorpios are so intense, they require relationships with deep intimacy and tons of passion, which is something Gems can't exactly provide. The twins of the zodiac hate being tied down, and dating a Scorpio is likely to make them feel stifled, both physically and emotionally. While I genuinely hope that Frarry works out, it's possible that the couple's zodiac signs will pose a challenge. Of course, if Farago and Jowsey can survive a night in a private suite without touching, then they can probably handle a little astrological incompatibility.