Francesca Farago & Harry Jowsey's body language on Instagram is too hot to handle.
Is Francesca & Harry's Body Language Too Hot To Handle? Experts Weigh In


From their virtual Ring Pop proposal to their costly antics on Too Hot To Handle (THTH), Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey are obvi not your typical couple. As if you needed additional proof of this, a quick scroll through their IG accounts will reveal countless PDA-packed pics, which TBH, may just be too hot to handle. In fact, experts agree that Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey's body language on Instagram is sultry as hell, but also points to some potential problems lurking under the surface.

By now, THTH fans know that Frarry’s relationship hasn’t always been smooth sailing — after all, they did break up in summer of 2019. According to Jowsey, they ended things due to “miscommunication areas” as well as general “stress and pressure” relating to his move from Australia to L.A. A few shady Valentine’s Day posts implying their single status later, they finally confirmed via IG that they were an item again on April 23.

Jowsey popped the question during the THTH virtual reunion special, which aired on May 8, and while it’s questionable whether that proposal was actually legit, they've confirmed that they're supes serious about getting married. Meanwhile, THTH alum Madison Wyborny, who reportedly dated Jowsey while he and Farago were on a break, is saying she thinks the whole thing is a PR stunt.

Whether you truly believe that Frarry is proof love is real or you're convinced it's all for show, their IG accounts are packed with insight into their off-camera relationship. In fact, underneath all the sappy captions and the seductive poses, body language experts say these photos indicate some control issues. Here's their take on some of the couple's latest posts.

May 8: A Serious Snuggle Selfie

Don't be fooled by how Farago is pulling Jowsey in close here. The first thing worth noting about this pic, according to Patti Wood, body language expert and author of SNAP: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, is that she's tilting her face in such a way that shows her priority is to "look good."

"He is more of an accessory," says Wood. "In this photo, he looks tired and acquiescent."

Traci Brown, another body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence, agrees that this photo is "very lopsided."

"She sure is holding him tight — and he's not reacting much," she adds.

May 12: Clowning Around

In the first pic of this series, there's a notable distance between their two faces, with Farago once again angling her face toward Jowsey's. However, in the second photo, Brown says their matching silly expressions show "they're on the same page."

Wood points out that if you look a little more closely, you might notice that his neck muscles appear strained as he's reaching to make contact with her cheek.

"She is working hard to be just close enough to be in the same photo but not mess up her hair or makeup," explains Wood.

Although subtle, Wood points out that there is a slight sadness implied by the downward slant of her smile and downward side gaze.

April 26: A Casual Cali Stroll

There's no denying that Farago looks happy in this photo.

Wood notes that her smile appears big and genuine "with one side slightly lifted into a partial smirk of playfulness."

Notice how his arm is around her and his legs are framing her? Wood says that the way his arm is draped "possessively" shows a sense of "ownership" as he gazes down at her.

Brown agrees, adding that pulling Farago in and wrapping his legs around her is a "control move."

May 9: All Smiles

I mean, just look at those two open-mouth smiles — that's the epitome of genuine joy right there.

According to Wood, it's not just Jowsey's teeth-baring grin that shows his happiness, but also his lifted shoulders and relaxed posture.

"I like how her head is lifted and back," she tells Elite Daily.

May 3: Ooh La Lip-Lock

It's not just Farago and Jowsey's lips that are touching in this pic — note how they're also making contact with their arms and legs, too.

"They're both into this kiss," says Brown. "The most notable thing about it is that he's reaching inside her jacket — into her personal space as much as he can. That's hot."

I couldn't agree more.

The bottom line? While the passion is undeniable, Brown believes they "may not have good long-term prospects."

“Overall I'd say they're a couple that's gonna struggle with who's in control and getting most of the attention," she explains.

Only time will tell Frarry's romantic fate — but in the meantime, I'll be over here keeping an eye out for more joint thirst traps.


Patti Wood, body language expert

Traci Brown, body language expert