Fenty Beauty's New Match Stix Shades Are Here, & If You Act Fast You Can Get Them For 20% Off

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

Hi, can someone please come and confiscate my credit card? I need adult supervision; I'm genuinely terrified I'll blow my life-savings on all the new products Fenty is dropping. Rihanna and her team absolutely refuse to let us breathe, and Fenty Beauty's new Match Stix shades are just another new must-have on my shopping list. I've been using both the Matte Sticks and the Shimmer Sticks since the brand first dropped, and the magnetic packaging is so satisfying and addictive, I just have to collect them all. RiRi really created the Pokemon cards of cream products, and I'm here for it.

Since the brand launched back in 2017, they've dropped dozens and dozens of new products — like, enough to leave me broke, but looking so damn glam, I'm not even mad. Still, some of the OG picks remain my faves, and the Match Stix Shimmer Stick ($25, really are iconic. I've used them as blush, bronzer, highlighter, cream eye shadow, heck, even as lipstick, and their lightweight, creamy texture never disappoints. I admit to already having all 10 original Shimmer Sticks, but apparently, Rihanna decided I needed a few more, so she took to social media to bless my makeup bag and curse my bank account.

As per usual, the brand posted on Instagram to announce the debut, boasting about "5 new #MATCHSTIX Shimmer shades for your highlighting and blush needs!"

Suddenly, the 10 shades I already have and love are Dead. To. Me. My makeup routine is incomplete without these deep, shimmery new beauties! According to Rihanna, the more shades you can collect, the better. "“I like to look at these Shimmer Skinsticks like I look at my clothes in the closet," Ri said in a press release from the brand about the new hues. "Am I doing fun? Am I doing alien? Am I doing weird? Am I doing sexy? Am I doing extra? Am I doing girl next door? You choose," she explained.

And if you choose to do ~sexy glam fall vibes~, these shades will suit your needs just fine:

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

As pretty as the shades look, I was even more curious as to their names, since we all know Fenty shade names never disappoint. Above are "Beach Bum," "Bordeaux Brat," "Champagne Heist," "Cognac," and "Pink Lemonade," and I'll never order a drink without matching it to my Match Stix ever again. Maybe that's why they're called the ~Match~ Stix? It's not, but still. The shades are bomb either way.

Okay, now for when they drop — and how to snag them for less:

Fenty Beauty says the new shades will hit the brand's website as well as Sephora come August 23, and at first, fans felt this was a little too soon after so many other launches, aka the new foundation, the brow pencils, et cetera. "Not even a second to breathe😂😂," one user wrote on Instaram, another adding, ""When y’all gonna stop coming for my wallet?". TBH, I felt the same until I saw the following comment: "MY POCKETS THANK YOU FOR RELEASING THIS DURING THE VIB SALE."

Y'all, RiRi definitely dropped these during Sephora's Summer Bonus Sale intentionally. She's out here trying to help us save some coin!


ICYMI, Rouge and VIB shoppers can get 20% and 15% off their Sephora orders, respectively, now through August 27. Since these babies drop on the 23, they'll be included in the sale. Ri, you're a real one for hooking us up like that! Now I can finally justify getting all five new shades — not that I was ever planning on not buying, to be honest.