Fenty Beauty Just Dropped A Brow Product, So We Can All Start Saying "Brows On Fleek" Again

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Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

In one summer, I've aquired at least ten new Fenty Beauty products for my makeup bag, but Rihanna simply will not stop. Doesn't she know how hard it is for me to splurge on Summer Fridays happy hours and still afford all her new releases? If you're wondering how much Fenty Beauty's Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler costs, I'm happy to report that the price is pretty reasonable, but let's be real, people — y'all knew I was buying it either way. I can't resist a new Fenty drop! And although I loved every single one to date, I find myself hoping they'll soon slow down, if only for my wallet's sake.

ICYMI, the brand took to Instagram to post the newest release, their long-awaited brow product. The Fenty Face was incomplete without it! In fact, I'm pretty sure all I need now is a Fenty mascara for me to do a complete makeup routine using solely Riri-approved products. Putting it out into the universe now; a mascara better be the next launch! Until then, though, I'm more than happy to enjoy Brow MVP.

"@badgalriri loves a good brow and we know y’all been waiting on this," the caption to Fenty Beauty's Instagram post began:

"On August 23rd we’re dropping 14 shades of #BROWMVP in a waterproof and smudge-resistant formula," the caption continued, "An Ultra Fine Brow Pencil with a retractable tip on one side, and a Styler with a unique paddle brush on the other." Hi, yes, my alley? That's right up it.

Personally, I've always been a fan of Rihanna's no-nonsense brows. They're ever-so-slightly defined without looking too harsh, and even when her makeup is intense, her brows are always natural and fluffy, never overly filled-in:

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That's why the Brow MVP seems like such a perfect product for her line. In my opinion, while the pencil tip is fine, it doesn't appear to be teeny-tiny enough to create overly precise, drawn-on, microblade-level hairs. It's more of a tool to deposit color and fill in sparse areas, for a Rihanna-level Your Brow But Better.

And not for nothing, but 14 shades is a lot for brows. Redheads, ashy blondes, and other unique hair color tones: Rejoice!

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

Of course, the most standout element on this product is the styler:

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

When I first saw this pic, my immediate thought was, "Wait, is Rihanna dropping a toothbrush?" I should've known she'd opt for something different than the standard spoolie — it's far too basic for an innovative queen like Rihanna! Instead, her brow pencil features a paddle brush tip to tame hairs and blend pigment for a diffused, natural finish.

Catch me rocking a ~natural~ brow and a sooty smoky eye a la this iconic Rihanna glam very, very soon:

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So, when can you snag Brow VIP for yourself? At just $20 apiece, these pencils are pretty reasonably priced, and they go live on the Fenty Beauty website and at Sephora come August 23, aka the day the phrase "brows on fleek" will officially become cool again. Just assuming!

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