Fenty Beauty Just Dropped 2 Smoking-Hot Shades Of Its Poutsicle Lipstick

Am I a bold lip gal? No, I'm really not. That said, am I going to be brave this summer and attempt to rock Fenty Beauty's new Poutsicle Lipstick limited-edition shades? Yes, yes I am — they're just too good to resist! If anyone can inspire me to rock a bright lip, it's RiRi, and her Poutsicle lipstick formula is so creamy and pigmented, I really trust it when it comes to shades I'd normally steer clear of. However, some of the best and brightest are in fact limited-edition, meaning once they're gone, they're gone, so consider this a PSA to get them while it's hot (outside). See what I did there?

ICYMI, Rihanna and Fenty Beauty debuted the Poutsicle Juicy Satin Lipsticks ($20, back in May, with the rest of the Getting Hotter Collection for Summer 2019. Available in seven shades with coordinating packaging, the Poutsicles were intended to be summer's go-to statement lip. Pigmented enough to make an impact, but hydrating and comfortable for long-term wear, they really are the whole package, and the shades are so unique.

In addition to bright pinks and purples, of course Rihanna had to go bold with the blues:

Now, blue lipstick isn't entirely uncharted territory for me, as I did go through a Ke$ha phase in high school during which my sisters purchased me her go-to blue lippie from MAC Cosmetics, but I also wouldn't say it's my favorite shade. That said, a recent post to the Fenty Instagram made me want to try again.

"Poppin’ up on ya timeline with a lil heat for the summer!🔥," the brand wrote on Instagram. "Give your lips a juicy bright pout with our limited edition creamy smooth #POUTSICLE in #MOTORBOAT and #SUNSNACTCHED 👄💦 Available for a limited time only...":

Limited edition? Available for a limited time only? For some reason, I thought I had more time, but with summer winding down, I realized it was now or never to try these bold shades. Per the post's suggestion, I decided to give "Sun Snatched" ($20, and "Motorboat" ($20, a go.

"Sun Snatched," a vivid orange, is definitely the more wearable of the two. If red lips give you holiday vibes, consider hot orange the summertime equivalent.

Even as a neutral lip lover, I have to say "Sun Snatched" had me feeling pretty cute. I even did an unintentional duck face pose:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

The formula for these babies isn't transfer-proof, so be sure to throw your lippie in your purse before you head out for the day. That said, it's so lightweight and hydrating, I almost forgot I had a bold lip on. So comfy!

After tackling "Sun Snatched," I knew I had to at least attempt "Motorboat." Yikes:

The blue is stunning and the payoff is incredible, but I think we can all agree it's ~not my shade~. What can I say, I'm no Rihanna!

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

If you are brave enough to give "Motorboat" a go, or want to try out "Sun Snatched" for something a bit more wearable, you can shop both Poutsicle shades right now on the Fenty Beauty site and at Sephora. Once they're gone, they're gone, so snag them while you can!