Welp, Dylan Barbour Spilled The Beans On What's Going On With Tyler & Gigi

ABC + Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment + Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment

It seems like everyone in the world is talking about Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid’s rumored relationship… except for Cameron and Hadid themselves, of course. Even Cameron’s friend and fellow Bachelorette contestant Dylan Barbour recently weighed in on all the gossip. Dylan Barbour's quote about Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid sure makes it sound like Barbour knows the tea. Has Cameron been telling his pals all about his new lady?

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Sept. 11, Barbour shared his thoughts on Cameron’s whirlwind rise to fame. “Tyler's in New York. He's living his life," Barbour noted. "I talk to Tyler all the time." The two became friends while competing together on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, and apparently they still keep in touch. As for those Hadid dating rumors? Barbour sort of addressed those, as well. "He's [a]... real happy guy," Barbour told ET. "I don't care whether [she's] a supermodel or not. As long as Tyler's happy, I'm happy.”

Ummm… is it just me, or does this sound like more confirmation of this potential relationship between Cameron and Hadid? At this point, all signs point toward a pretty serious romance. Cameron and Hadid have been spotted out together on multiple dates since Aug. 4, where they were first photographed at Dumbo House in Brooklyn. The supermodel and Bachelor Nation fan favorite have been seen out with friends (including Serena Williams and Taylor Swift), on a trip to Lake George, and even at Hadid’s grandmother’s funeral in the Netherlands.

Despite this, neither Hadid or Cameron have confirmed their relationship status, nor responded to Elite Daily's request for comment. During an interview on the Bachelor Party podcast on Aug. 28, Cameron quickly shut down a question about whether he’s dating Hadid, saying only “I’m not talking about that.” And despite the fact that they’ve been to a VMAs after-party together, and even to the same show at New York Fashion Week, they haven’t made their red carpet debut as a couple.

Still, Cameron and Hadid have been the talk of the entire internet since they first followed each other on Instagram in July. The fans need answers, and one of the best ways to get insight is to hear from Cameron’s friends, who likely have insider information. Barbour just low-key spilled the beans about his pal’s love life. It might not have been the most appropriate thing to do, considering Cameron has blatantly refused to comment on the rumors, but hey — Barbour has to share when he’s happy for his friend!

Cameron and Barbour both have reasons to celebrate, even after they failed to win Brown’s heart on The Bachelorette. Barbour was a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise Season Six, where he fell in love with Hannah Godwin and left the show engaged. Since the BiP finale aired on Sept. 17, Barbour and Godwin have been spending time in NYC, and social media evidence shows they’ve been hanging with Cameron. Naturally, I’m now wondering if a double date is in the works. I need another clue here, people! Shoutout to Barbour for being the overly supportive friend who might have just shared a little too much information. He’s honestly doing the world a public service with this intel.