6 People Share Whether Or Not They Notice When Their Partners Don’t Shave Their Legs

After my college graduation, my mother texted me, "Your friend who doesn't shave their legs was really nice!" To which I gleefully replied, "You've got to be more specific, that's all of them." You see, we grew up with those Venus, "She Got It" commercials burnt into our brains, and in spite of it, nixing the razor is now becoming a popular choice. But do partners notice if you don’t shave your legs? From fundraisers like No-Shave November to quippy T-shirts stating things like Hairy Styles, lots of people are choosing to put down the razor and furthermore, enjoy talking about it.

Dating someone can often means getting cozy with them. From exploring different types of sexual activity, to squeezing into a tiny booth at a diner, you've probably shared a lot of space with your boo. For some couples, bodily hygiene is a topic of conversation they have regularly. For others, hair and other body-related matters are considered solo endeavors. It's important to note that it's OK to ask your partner what they're into and to care about their answers — but every couple is different! You can have the desire to turn your SO on and still be a strong, independent feminist. And it's also okay to take care of your body the way that makes you feel best. In the end of the day, whether or not you shave your legs is completely up to you.

I spoke with seven people about shaving, and whether or not they notice when their boo gives the razor a rest.

Honestly I'm lucky my partner wants to sleep with me in the first place.

— Ken, 26*

I do!
One of the first things I told them was that they have great legs, so I do notice if they shave them or not.

— Alex, 23

We both don't shave, so I don't think I've ever thought about it much.

— Mary, 21

Wax on, wax off.
My partner and I are both Middle Eastern, and both really hairy. They will get laser hair removal or wax. But even still, between sessions it will grow out. It's just their body hair, it doesn't matter that much to me.

— Ari, 24

Sorry Not Sorry
When I kind of apologized for my hairiness — he said, 'Look at me! I’ve never shaved my legs in my life.'

— Constance, 20*

Nature's Calling
We like to hike and camp a lot, so we both shower less than the average person. I don't bring shaving stuff in my pack and I don't expect my partner to either.

— Charlie, 19

Whether you're a "shave everyday" person or you've never even touched a razor, remember that whatever feels right for you is the right choice. If asking your boo what they're into makes you feel good, ask away! If you don't want anyone's opinion, that's perfectly fine as well. There's no one way to take care of your body, and IMO, the shower is a sacred place to take time for yourself. Shave! Don't shave! Shower together! Shower alone while belting Whitney Houston classics! Make the choice that makes you feel best, and try you best not to get shampoo in your eyes, because ouch.