14 Hilarious Tweets About Single Girls Not Shaving Their Legs In The Winter

by Annie Foskett

In the name of research, I just reached under my desk and pulled my leggings up in order to rate my current leg blanket on a scale of one to shag carpet. I would say that I'm rocking a solid six, or, cheap jute rug — one of those straw carpets that are so prickly they hurt bare feet. I'm a leg-shaver, and right now I'm overdue, but not quite into the "soft and silky" territory yet. I turned to Twitter in order to read tweets about not shaving your legs in the winter to confirm that I am in good company. I definitely am.

Here's the thing: women should not have to shave their legs, but women are also completely should shave their legs if they want to. In fact, I think that women should do whatever they want (except murder). Yes, I'm mostly shaving my legs during the winter for my date/the patriarchy, but I relish that five minute post-shave period when my legs are genuinely smooth. It's a form of self-care, velvety textures are satisfying to me, whatever.

It's also completely cool to not give a flying eff about what your leg hair looks like even in the summer, something my pasty skin plus dark hair has always put me off of. No matter whether you are on Team No-Shave, Team Shave, or Team Shave One Leg Only, these tweet are incredibly relatable and I hope they make you laugh.

No Shave Winter 2018

Men who really don't need to rock a mustache grow mustaches every November in the name of charity, and while I don't think not shaving legs requires a benevolent motivation, should we start some Time's Up No Shave Without Equal Pay Winter fund? America Ferrera, you out there?

Tell. It. Like. It. Is.

Dropping truth bombs all over the place, and I respect that.


A "rough chop" is exactly the right categorizing for the shave I gave myself earlier this week. This Tweet needs more retweets, please.

When Ankle Socks Have A Purpose

I mean... she's definitely seen worse. In fact, I would bet that hairy legs are the least offensive thing your gynecologist has seen all week. Still, I never want to disappoint my very put together gyno, I feel you.

It Is Not Wise To Upset A Wookiee

I enjoy this ultimatum oneself play, always a fun game. Just a reminder that there is always a Han Solo out there who will love your fuzzy bod.

Is One Better Than None?

This is very much a move I would make in the winter, the season that turns me into a lazy turd. I applaud this move. It's very IDGAF.

I Love Making Excuses

Using one lazy thing to justify another lazy thing is my favorite. Too bad I don't run.

Find You A Man Who Gets It

I have three words for you: Lock. That. Down.

I Enjoy This Pro-Shaving Argument

Yes, shaving your legs after weeks of letting that hair grow somehow does feel like an accomplishment. Philosophizing about leg hair is fun.

Partial Shave For President

Pants with holes that your grandparents can never understand? Get creative!

What Are You, Harry Potter?

It's cool to be a wizard, but it's also OK to be a Muggle, you know?

Did I Write This Tweet?

I've never gone a whole winter without shaving, but once a week is pretty much my max.


I guess I'm not the only one who weirdly loves tactile feelings of smoothness! I feel this hard.

More Smoothness-Advocacy

Take that, patriarchy, we're not just shaving our legs for your benefit. Some of us just really like cozy, hygge vibes.

And now, happy not shaving, or shaving, or somewhat shaving. After all, it's cold out there, so do whatever makes you feel warm, inside or out.

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