7 Fun Things To Do On Winter Weekends With Your Friends Without Getting Wasted

During the winter months, it's an easy plan to round up the squad and hit up a couple of your fave bars to cope with the cold (if you're of legal age), but there are also so many things to do in the winter without drinking with your friends. Oh, and "fun" would definitely still be a factor.

I get it. It's 5 o'clock somewhere. I'm no stranger to popping open a couple of bottles of wine with my friends, but I also know and appreciate those times when we simply enjoy each other's company without any booze. Besides, not everyone drinks, and it's a lot easier for everyone to not do it and come up with a fresh, unique plan. If you're fully indulging in something entertaining, you hardly even notice that alcohol isn't present.

Winter has a lot of down time. Whether you're snowed in or on break from college, those hours add up. Spending the time with your friends is golden, and there are more than a few non-alcoholic activities that'll get the party going. In fact, if you engage in any of these activities, the only cocktail you'll be sipping on is a glass of memories, a splash of laughs, and good company as the garnish.

Give One Of Your Friends A Makeover

OK, you'll need to rock, paper, scissors over who is going to be the human sacrifice. Joking. All of your friends are gems, but experimenting with a cool different hair color or amazing highlights could be fun. Besides, you all trust each other with everything else.

Bake Like There's No Tomorrow

There's something so rewarding about baking for hours on end, and literally taste testing and devouring the results. You and your friends can follow recipes or make adjustments as you see fit. And since there's always an element of friendly competition, a bake-off may be in order.

Watch Your Favorite Disney Movies

Disney movies can make an appearance during any season, and they'd still be magical. Don't blame us. Blame those golden years of childhood that were so infused with the Disney lifestyle, it's too hard to shake those feels during adulthood.

Start A Mini Book Club

OK, reading is a lot more entertaining than people give it credit for. Also, reading the same book as your friends is going to be super interesting once you all start opening up about your favorite parts. Their perspectives are so different than yours, but you'll love them all the same.

Start A New Show On Netflix Together

Hey, you're gonna be trapped indoors anyways while you hide from the blistering cold outside. Netflix has a way of shaving hours away and getting us hooked on these awesome shows we just want more and more of. Hopefully, you can find a show that none of you have seen.

Go Ice Skating

I mean, I wouldn't recommend drinking and going ice skating, like ever. You're gonna need all of your energy if it's your first time. Out of all of the leg aches you will ever experience in your life, in my opinion, muscle soreness from ice skating is always worth the incredible memories you'll make with your mains.

Make Hot Chocolate In Your Pajamas

Doing absolutely anything in your pajamas is glorious. Who knew that the very outfit we're supposed to wear to sleep would be the perfect getup for day-to-day activities? Hot chocolate is one soothing-as-heck drink, and when you add good friends and girl talk into the mix, you've been transported to heaven. Chocolate heaven with marshmallow clouds, that is.

You, your friends, and winter can have a ball without alcohol. Your friends have the ability to make you feel things a glass of anything never will.