Every Thought You've Had While Shaving Your Legs & I'm Not Even A Mind Reader

Freshly-shaved legs rubbing up against your soft bed sheets or silk robe is instant nirvana. For a time-consuming task when you're trying to scrub-a-dub-dub, the smooth results can be worth the trouble. Ladies, I can tell you the thoughts you've had while shaving your legs, because our techniques may be different, but our minds work the same.

Are you the rusher on the edge of the sink before work, or the relaxed Sunday bath time shaver? Either way, I can guess what you're thinking. You aren't the only one who's praying to the Venus Spa Razor gods that you don't nip yourself. Band-Aids fix the physical wounds, but they don't repair the semi-shame you feel when you have to rock a bandage with that new denim skirt. Your Mickey Mouse Band-Aids will never be a trendsetting accessory.

Shaving your legs — if it's what you do religiously — can give you so much confidence. You're a woman boss when you step out of that bathroom and feel fresh AF. You do it before a big date, even if things aren't getting physical, because a fresh pair of shaved legs honestly makes you feel like a whole new woman. I can't read your mind on the regular, so don't start calling me Professor X because I hit these 10 thoughts right on the nose.

"Do I Have Time To Use Shaving Cream?"

Time is of the essence when you want to rock a skirt, but aren't at all prepared. All you need is the sink, running water, and determination if you're trying to shave your legs in a hurry. You do love those times when you can get a good lathery session in with your shaving cream, though.

"To Shave The Knee Or Not To Shave The Knee?"

Did you really get the job done if you didn't go over the knee with your razor? It's a weird question to ask, but one that you've definitely asked yourself. Oh, and you've also considered whether or not you should shave above the knee. With the way your punctuality is set up, you may need to save it for next time.

"No One Will Notice If I Missed A Spot, Right?"

How annoying is it to spend a chunk of time shaving your legs, and then feel a patch of fuzz after the fact? It's not fair, but you continue with your day hoping no one will notice. Luckily, no one is critical about your shaving skills except you.

"D*mn, When Is The Last Time I Shaved My Legs?"

You could've sworn you shaved your legs last week, but then again, you remember saying that the week before. Time has passed and your razor is playing "Baby Come Back" every time you go into the bathroom. Yeah, it has been that long.

"Please No Razor Burn. Please No Razor Burn."

OK, you may start off with a smooth result after you shave, but it's not always rainbows and butterflies. Razor burn is so annoying, and you hope changing up your technique will keep you from getting it. Dang, why does shaving your legs involve so much hoping and praying?

"Nice And Steady. Ouch! Do I Even Have Band-Aids?"

Pain, meet Shame. Cutting yourself shaving is the worst. It not only burns, but then when it scabs over and heals, you have to make sure not to nip it the next time you shave. You seriously just can't win, huh?

"Do I Really Need To Shave Above The Knee?"

Look, you are crunched for time and your knee-length skirt is going to need to conceal. Even if you're not crunched for time, you're usually too lazy to shave above the knee anyway. The bare minimum can still be extremely satisfying.

"I Could Totally Use This Razor A Few More Times."

Yes, I'm admitting that I am a devout user of disposable razors. Your eyes have to be peeled for when you should really throw it out, and there are times you seriously milked the hell out of your last one.

"Maybe Waxing Wouldn't Be Such A Bad Idea."

There are three stages of shaving your legs: dread, agony, and somewhat satisfaction in the end. You've heard the horror stories of pain about waxing your legs, but you know it lasts longer than shaving. In other words, you are torn as heck.

"Crap, Where Is The Cap To My Razor?"

Why in the heck are most of the coverings to razors clear? It's a cruel joke, and you know this to be true when you've spent about 30 minutes trying to find yours. A lost razor cap is a bath time buzzkill.

You may be the only one in the tub, but we're all in this together. Those shaving struggles are real.