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Do Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Live Together? Sources Say They're Taking Things Slow


Although Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have just welcomed a baby into the world, the two plan on taking their time as a couple. Jenner and Scott started dating around April of 2016, and the past ten months have been a whirlwind... understatement of the century. Upon the arrival of Stormi Webster fans couldn't help but wonder — do Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott live together? Are they still dating? What's happening with their relationship? Let's take it one question at a time here, people. As far as living together, the answer is "not officially," according to recent sources.

Jenner and Scott's daughter, Stormi, was welcomed into the world on Feb. 1, 2018. Obviously, the entire Jenner-Kardashian family is thrilled with the new, tiny addition. When it comes to mom and dad's relationship, Jenner and Scott want to do it the right way.

According to a source from People, Jenner and Scott are "over the moon" about Stormi, but "not in a rush" when it comes to their personal relationship. Each of them live extremely busy lives with tons of travel, and have only been dating less than a year at this point. The source said,

The two are working together to co-parent and all is well in the Jenner household. The source continued,

Reportedly, Scott "has been great” during this experience, and is “very sweet with his daughter.” It's hard not to be happy for Jenner and Scott — they were able to secure some privacy to enjoy the pregnancy, and are maturely working out a plan. Good job, guys.

In order to protect herself during this hectic time, Jenner had been in hiding since September. She finally announced the news to fans via Instagram on Feb. 4. Thanks, Ky, for throwing a bone to those of us who cared nothing about the Super Bowl. The thoughtful post said,

The post continued,

Jenner's note was posted at the same time as her pregnancy video. Warning: Whether you feel connected to Jenner's journey or not, you will probably cry.

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It makes perfect sense why Jenner would want to keep this special time in her life quiet and stress-free. Now that baby Stormi is here, Jenner has been extremely generous with sharing glimpses into their life together.

On Feb. 6, Jenner posted the first photo of Stormi on Instagram. The photo featured Stormi's teeny, tiny hand holding onto Jenner's. Although she was blurred in the background and only part of her face was featured, fans can tell she's adorable.

The photo has acquired over 15 million likes on social media and counting — shattering the record for most liked photo on Instagram. Jenner disappears for six months and is still the social media queen.

Obviously, Jenner and Scott are doing great and enjoying their time with Stormi. Congrats to the new parents.

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