Constance Wu's Nude Golden Globes Look Is So Hot, I Had To Open A Window

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Oh, you thought seeing Constance Wu serve look after look in Crazy Rich Asians was enough? Think again, because #awardsszn is finally upon us, and Constance Wu’s 2019 Golden Globes look proves her real-life ensembles this year will be as glam as the movie's own luxe style. The actress really made an entrance when she hit the red carpet, and as one of the talented few nominated for "Best Lead Actress," she had a right to really strut her stuff. Fortunately, she's ready to serve.

Wu's nomination would be a big deal for any actress, but it just so happens that she's the very first Asian woman to be nominated in the "Best Lead Actress" category in 44 years. Yup, you read that right. With this in mind, it's easy to see why all eyes would be on her — so natch, Wu channeled all the glam that made Crazy Rich Asians the visual spectacle that it was, and showed up on the scene looking nothing short of radiant. She wore a gorgeous nude gown complete with a flowing tulle skirt and an ever-so-slightly see-through, fitted bodice. To brighten up the neutral color palette, she accented with a velvet orange bow around her waist. Talk about the perfect combination of sexy and sweet, am I right?

These are some serious seriously beautiful princess vibes, IMHO:

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The look was accented by a very Meghan Markle-esque messy bun, complete with soft, wavy tendrils framing the face. And framing her décolletage? A breathtaking diamond necklace, fit for royalty, which made sense, given all the fairy princess vibes this look served.

BRB, stocking up on orange, because Wu just made it my new favorite color:

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Since lots of female celebrities wore black to last year's Golden Globes as part of the powerful Time's Up movement protest, I admit that I was so proud of and impressed by these ladies in black. However, this year, I was really looking forward to seeing color on the carpet again. This nude gown is such a fresh, flirty change of pace, and the pop of orange really takes the cake. Honestly, while I loved all the gorgeous outfits Wu got to wear while filming Crazy Rich Asians, I seriously think this is the best she's ever looked.

When Wu first heard about her nomination, she was totally over the moon, so I'm hardly surprised she showed up dressed to the nines:

And of course, she absolutely delivered:

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Wu has shown throughout the Crazy Rich Asians press tour and premieres that she's got a killer sense of style. I mean, come on:

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To be honest, we'll never see Constance Wu look bad in anything, and even though I'm not surprised she looked fab on the carpet, I'm still excited nonetheless. Nude is 100 percent Wu's color, and the pop of orange put this look over the top for me. She continues to be style goals, grace goals, and pretty much everything else goals, TBH.