Chance The Rapper & Kirsten Corley's Relationship Timeline Is Full Of Surprises

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If you need proof love is real, just look to Chance The Rapper and his long-time sweetheart, Kirsten Corley. Ever since they met as kids, the two have seemed totally smitten with each other, but their relationship hasn't always been smooth sailing. After nearly splitting for good in 2016, the couple went on to make up, get married, and raise their two adorable daughters together, and I couldn't be happier for these love birds. Chance The Rapper and Kirsten Corley's relationship timeline proves you can still get a happy ending, even if your love story isn't a fairytale from start to finish.

The rapper and his model wife have been put through the wringer, but their love for each other and for their daughters allowed their relationship to prevail. As Chance wrote in an Instagram post for his now-wife's birthday in May 2018, "From the beginning beginning to the end end. You are my oldest and best friend." My heart! Despite all the social media love they show each other, these two tend to keep a pretty low profile (save for their 2016 legal dispute), but here's what I do know about Chance and Corley's 17-year-long love story.

They Met In 2003

Though they wouldn't start dating until a decade later, Chance met his future wife back in 2003 when he was only nine years old. He shared the sweet story in a tweet posted in March 2019, right before their wedding day. According to the rapper, he first saw Corley at his mom's office party, where Corley performed a Destiny’s Child dance routine. "I knew I was gonna marry that girl," he tweeted, though he admitted he was too nervous at the time to introduce himself.

They Began Dating In 2013

Though it's unclear how the two reconnected, the couple began dating in early 2013 — at least, according to Common's manager. During an interview for Oyster's September 2013 issue, Chance claimed he and Kirsten had already been dating for "years and years and years," though his manager, Pat Corcoran, corrected him to say they'd only been dating for six months. "Tomato, tomahto," Chance jokingly replied.

They Welcomed Their First Daughter In September 2015

In July 2015, Chance took to Instagram to post a picture of his hand on Corley's (very pregnant) belly along with the caption, "Coming soon." Just about two months later, the rapper announced the Sept. 20 birth of their daughter, Kensli, with another IG post. "I wanted make a grandiose and poetic statement with her weight and size and DOB to show how much this means to me," he wrote, "but I think it'd be more appropriate and fatherly of me to just say thanks to those who helped us during this pregnancy, and ask for a little privacy in this time for me and my new family to get settled."

They Broke Up In February 2016

In February 2016, things got super complicated, according to documents obtained by the Chicago Tribune. Just about five months after welcoming Kensli, Corley reportedly filed legal documents asking the court to declare Chance as Kensli's father and to remain the "sole caretaker" of their baby girl, who reportedly lived exclusively with her. She also reportedly asked that Chance pay child support, including "expenses incurred during pregnancy and delivery and attorneys fees."

A month later, Corley reportedly amended the petition to say she and Chance were once again living together and he'd contributed money and care for their daughter. However, she still reportedly asked that Chance continue to provide for Kensli and pay attorney fees. Chance reportedly responded in May, asking for "shared allocation of parental responsibility and reasonable parenting time" and that he and Corley pay their own attorneys fees.

Eventually, per documents obtained by the Chicago Tribune, the couple reportedly agreed on a plan for Kensli that required them to live together, but in February 2017, Corley reportedly filed paperwork "seeking a parenting schedule" because she and Chance were reportedly "in the process of establishing separate residence." By March 2017, Chance and Corley reportedly settled their dispute out of court and reconciled, though it's unclear when that happened.

Chance Proposed In July 2018

After more than five years of on-and-off-again dating, Chance popped the question on July 4, 2018 during a backyard barbecue with friends and family. Later that day, he confirmed his engagement on Twitter, simply writing, "She said yes."

They Got Married In March 2019

Eight months after getting engaged, Chance and Corley tied the knot on March 9, 2019 at the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, California. Just days before the wedding, the Chicago Tribute reported the two had secretly visited the Cook County clerk's office a few months before on Dec. 27, 2018 for a civil ceremony ahead of the official wedding celebration. Chance later confirmed as much in a December 2019 IG post, writing, "Happy Anniversary to the woman that gave me everything. Its been a year since we hit city hall and made it official but you've had my heart forever."

They Welcomed Their Second Daughter In August 2019

A few weeks after their wedding, the couple had more exciting news to share: They were expecting again! Chance announced the pregnancy on Instagram in March 2019, writing, "New baby droppin September." Marli arrived a little early on Aug. 29, and Corley shared the news on Insta with the caption, "Our sweet baby girl, Marli, is here."

I can't wait to see what the future holds for this precious family of four.