Here’s What Chance The Rapper’s Zodiac Sign Says About Him As A Partner

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Aries sometimes gets the unfair reputation of not wanting to settle down, but the truth is, they make excellent, loyal partners. Don't believe me? Look no further than Chance The Rapper, whose zodiac sign is Aries (he was born April 16, 1993) and is both a devoted husband to his longtime partner, Kirsten Corley, and loving father to their daughters, Kensli and Marli. He's also made it very clear that his family is his number one priority.

While Aries can be in a steady and committed relationship, that's not to say this fire sign doesn’t still have a wild side. Then again, it's that combination of independence and loyalty that makes an Aries lover like Chance so appealing and exciting. If he happens to be your celebrity crush, then you've no doubt wondered what he’s like as a partner. Here's what it’s like to be loved by Chance, based on his fiery zodiac sign.

Aries moves quickly in relationships.

Ruled by Mars, the planet associated with passion and aggression, Aries isn't afraid to make the first move. If they're interested in someone, they make it known, and they love the chase. Aries knows how to sweep someone off their feet, and they put their all into the seduction. They have a surprising romantic streak that comes out when they find someone who touches their heart. They're also bold, and so they're quick to take things to the next level. This is great with someone who's the right fit, but it takes a special person to keep up with Aries. If you can’t, they get bored and restless quickly.

They're exciting and spontaneous partners.

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Aries might not be much of a planner, but what they lack in forethought, they make up for in enthusiasm. They crave new experiences and excitement, so anyone lucky enough to have an Aries lover in their life is never going to be bored. They're particularly spontaneous when it comes to sex, so you never know when and where the mood will strike. With Aries, you could be grabbing a relaxing drink one second and then get pulled into a bathroom stall for a quickie the next.

Aries is very independent and needs space.

While Aries wants a life companion to share their adventures with, that doesn’t mean they want to completely give up their freedom. Aries needs a fair amount of “me time” to just pursue their passions and interests. They don’t like the feeling of being controlled or forced to settle down, so the right partner's going to recognize that having time to themselves fuels Aries' spirit and makes them a more devoted and present partner when they're with you.

When Aries does settle down, it's for life.

Aries is no stranger to whirlwind romance. That comes back to their tendency to get caught up in the moment and jump into things. As a result, many of their connections shine brightly but burn out quickly. However, when Aries meets the right person who gets and appreciates them, but also gives them space to fully be themselves, they can be very committed and loyal partners. They see that connection as sacred, and there’s nothing that Aries won’t do to protect the people they care about most.

While an Aries partner like Chance might be a bit intense at first, their ability to become the most faithful and steadfast partners is exactly why they're worth taking a chance on. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I’ll see myself out now.)