Carhartt's Mother's Day 2021 bouquets are made of comfy attire your mom can relax in.

Carhartt’s Mother’s Day Bouquet Ditches Traditional Flowers For Comfy Attire

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Since last Mother's Day, you've perfected your "comfy thumb." It's similar to a green thumb — but this is your magical ability to turn any outfit, space, or gift into a soft and functional dream. It started with swapping workwear for two-piece sets, and will continue with your present to your mom or the mom figure in your life. Carhartt's Mother's Day 2021 bouquets ditch the traditional flowers for comfy attire your mom will actually use and wear, making them the perfect gift for you to give.

Carhartt is a global premium workwear brand that specializes in clothing for working and chilling alike. The company's Mother's Day bouquets not only support its mission to support working people, but also the women who have been trying to find balance since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The past year has been a difficult time for everyone including those trying to manage remote learning and working from home on top of their anxieties over the virus.

A recent study from the Pew Research Center shows that nearly 69% of working parents with some or a lot of childcare responsibilities have felt they can't give 100% at work during this time, while nearly 39% have needed to reduce their work hours to keep up with everything else going on in their lives. The Carhartt Mother's Day 2021 bouquets are a response to these tough and ongoing realities, and part of the company's "The Shift That Never Ends" campaign.

The campaign aims to highlight the resiliency of all moms, and how they can be pulled in multiple directions but continue to persevere. This Mother's Day, moms not only deserve the chance to kick up their feet or draw themselves a bubble bath, but also long-lasting work gear that can be used 365 days out of the year. Enter, the Carhartt bouquets.

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Each arrangement is designed to look like a floral bouquet, but is actually made of WK87 Workwear Pocket T-Shirts by Carhartt. Each T-shirt is a different color, so your mom can have some variety in her closet, resulting in the bouquet looking like a true bunch of flowers. The T-shirts are rolled and combined with a few hand-sewn roses that are made of the brand's signature duck fabric (heavy woven cotton). If you get a bouquet for your mom, you can expect the T-shirt colors to be Cobalt Heather, Cantaloupe Heather, and Ruby Heather.

The bouquets go on sale on the Carhartt website starting at 10 a.m. ET on April 21, 2021, and will be available while supplies last for $51. If you want to get one that's so nicely packaged in a box that says, "Work Gear Off Limits (Until Tomorrow)," make sure to hit "add to cart" right away.

If you miss out, consider making a bouquet yourself, because your mom still deserves the comfiest gift of all on Mother's Day. Start by placing an order for three of the T-shirts. Pick out the colors your mom would wear often, then gather other supplies while you wait for them to arrive. You'll need craft paper, tissue paper, rubber bands, dowel rods, twine, tape, and a hot glue gun. Once your shirts come in, roll them up and attach them each to a dowel rod. Wrap your T-shirt "flowers" with both papers, and tie the twine around the final bouquet. Just like that, you'll have the most comfy and useful gift to give mom on Mother's Day, and a craft to share on Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter with a Carhartt tag.

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