'Schitt's Creek'-Inspired Mother's Day Cards

These 'Schitt's Creek'-Inspired Mother's Day Cards Are Simply The Best

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Moira Rose is iconic, what with all her wigs, wine, and waggish quotes. While your own mother may not be as good at pettifogging and bombilating (whatever those mean) like the matriarch on Schitt's Creek, you love her just as much as you love rewatching your fave show over and over again. So, with Mom's big day coming up, you might want to get some Schitt's Creek-inspired Mother's Day cards on Etsy for the Moira in your life.

A personalized card is always a great way to go when it comes to letting someone know how much you care. These Schitt's Creek Mother's Day cards on Etsy allow you to say exactly how you feel on the inside. So, pick a Moira moment that reminds you of your own mom. For instance, if your mom was the person who taught you how to be a foodie in the kitchen, get her a card that references the hilarious "fold in the cheese" scene.

You could also get a cute "bébé" card if you still think of yourself as your mother's precious bébé. There are also cards that give off major David vibes and a little bit Alexis as well. Browse these 15 Schitt's Creek-inspired Mother's Day cards, and find one that gets you as excited as a "disgruntled pelican."

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No one can say "baby" quite like Moira. Her accent is just one of the many reasons you love her, so tell your mom all the reasons why you love her with this "bébé" card. This is especially perfect for anyone who is the youngest in the fam, because you truly are your mother's little bébé.

This card is straight and to the point. Your mom is the Schitt, and she should know it. This card is also punny, and features a drawing of Moira in her unforgettable Herb Ertlinger fruit wine commercial. So, it's wine-derful, too.

This card features another memorable line from Moira, and it's true. Mother's Day is a perfect reason to open a bottle of wine and celebrate. With this card, get your fave person their very own Schitt's Creek wine glass ($14) and bottle of fruit wine.

No offense to Moira, but your mom did a better job at teaching you how to work your way around the kitchen. Thank her on Mother's Day with this silly "fold in the cheese" card. It not only references one of your favorite scenes from the series, but will remind you of all those precious times in the kitchen together.

David is right: Your mother needs to be celebrated, so go all out for the day. Send this card to your mom with all the necessary items she needs to truly treat herself. Your care package could include face masks, her favorite chocolate, and a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Let's face it, there are times when you're a bit "impulsive, capricious, and melodramatic" like David. Mother's Day is the perfect time to thank your mom for putting up with everything that you do. This LOL-worthy card with David on the front will remind her that, while you may be a little Schitt, you're her little Schitt.

You truly do love your mom so much. If you get this card from Etsy, you know you've got to get a bit sappy on the inside by writing down all the reasons why your mom is the best. Get inspired by the David drawing on the card as well, and get your mom some red roses too.

Who could forget the "simply the best" moments from Schitt's Creek? They're real tearjerkers. And it's true, your mom is the best, so get her a card that undeniably true.

Living long distance from your mom can be tough. You'd love to see her on her special day, but a FaceTime call will have to do. Since you can't physically be with her, send this David Rose quote card in your place along with a virtual hug.

For the party-loving mom, get her this "a little bit Alexis" card. You could also put together a Spotify playlist of songs you know she'll love to dance to. Just don't forget to add "A Little Bit Alexis" to the list.

The gang's all here. This Schitt's Creek card features the entire Rose family, so get it for your mom if you're not sure who her fave character is. Not only is it cute, but it's funny with both a pun and a hilarious Alexis quote.

"Ew, David" is probably the most quotable line in the entire series, followed by "Yay, David!" You have Alexis Rose to thank for those two, so get your mom a totally quotable Alexis card. It's full of excitement and it's "so cute."

If you really want to see your mom LOL IRL, get her this The Crows Have Eyes card. Out of all her iconic lewks in the series, Moira's The Crowening costume was probably the funniest. Double down on the comedy by using some bird puns in your message inside. For instance, don't forget to tell your mom how fly she really is and what a hoot it is to spend time with her.

Another amazing lewk from Moira was her pope-inspired outfit at David and Patrick's wedding, which is on this card. If you can get through the entire wedding episode without crying, you are a strong person. You're definitely stronger than Moira, who could not get through her speech. Write something just as heartfelt inside this card about how grateful you are that those "fateful butterfly wings" gave you such an amazing mom.

Surprise your mom with this Mother's Day card. On the outside, it looks just like a normal greeting card. But on the inside, she'll find her favorite Roses. If you want to carry on the rose theme with your gifts, get her a Rose-scented Schitt's Creek candle ($15) and some Rose Apothecary cream ($9).

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