Bryce Hall's Zodiac Sign Says He's A Straight Fire Partner

OK, so you're crushing on Bryce Hall. You've straight-up slipped all the way down the rabbit hole by subscribing to his YouTube channel, adding all his TikToks to your favorites, and turning on Instagram notifications so you never miss a post. Your thirst journey for this Sway House member has probably made you wonder what he'd be like as your boyfriend, right? Understandable! Thankfully, by looking at Bryce Hall's zodiac sign, there's a lot you can discern about him as a partner.

Hall's charm, confidence, and good-natured attitude are thanks to his Aug. 14 birthday, which makes him a Leo. On good days, a Leo is loyal and fun. On bad days, they can be arrogant and self-absorbed. Always, Leo is fearless in everything they do and look good while doing it, period. Here are some more revelations about what Hall would be like as your TikTok-famous Leo boyfriend.

He'll Be Flirty As Hell

Leo lives for coy jokes and sweet words that'll make you melt. As your boyfriend, he'd leave tongue-out emojis on your thirst traps and ask if you want to do a couples' TikTok challenge together.

He'll Def Let You Know If He Likes You

Like the lion that symbolizes this sign, Leo is brave. Even when their heart is beating out of their chest, they're still going to shoot their shot. When they do, you can expect it to be romantic AF. If you're deep into your Hall thirst, you've probably watched the vlog where he asked Elle Danjean to be his girlfriend.

Leo has a taste for bravado, so expect flower petals, fairy lights, and photo montages on anniversaries and birthdays. Trust: Once Hall makes up his mind about his romantic feelings for you, you'll get a vlog-worthy love confession, too.

Dates Will Be A Vibe

Leo has a flair for the dramatic. Maybe you won't always eat at an expensive restaurant after catching a movie at a bougie theater, but Leo will go all out on date night. Hall's sign probably makes him the type of boyfriend who would take you to the best rooftop bar in LA, and then to DisneyLand to hit up every rollercoaster for the adrenaline rush.

Being consistently chatty, good-looking, and easygoing means Leo has a lot of friends. Dating Hall, you will probably join in on group dates of a dozen. Karaoke, laser tag, and escape rooms with Hall's Sway LA housemates and their partners is for sure a part of the package.

Getting Along With His Friends Is Key

Again, friendship is important to Leo — especially because they're a deeply loyal sign. If you want to go the distance with Hall, you'll have to get on well with his crew. The bonding process will no doubt involve fire Instagram photoshoots, TikTok dance practice, and seeing how well you can take the heat with pranks and friendly roasting.

As you continue to scroll through TikTok and marathon-watch Hall's vlogs, just know that if his zodiac sign has anything to do with it, he's an A+ partner.