10 Date Ideas For Leo Partners, To Celebrate Their Season Right

You may have already heard, but Leo season is officially upon us. What does that actually mean, you ask? From July 23 to Aug. 23, the sun will be in Leo, and most everyone will feel its effects — like having a bit more creative vision, confidence, and even some cat-like swagger. Coming on the heels of Mercury in retrograde, this change very welcome. Of source, the sign that'll feel it most is Leo itself. Those born under the sign are going to be peak lion, so it's the perfect opportunity to celebrate with date ideas for Leo partners that'll make them feel extra special during their time of year.

To plan a perfect Leo outing, it's helpful to think about what makes them happiest. The answer is attention — a lot of attention. Also, activities that play to their strengths and allow them to take the lead (their favorite thing) or make them feel loved. Essentially, it's the perfect excuse to show your Leo love just how much you really care about them, and that you see them as the amazing person they really are. It also doesn't hurt that these date ideas are super fun for everyone. Not sure where to start? No worries, here are some Leo-friendly date ideas to get you started.

Hit up a karaoke night.
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Leos love to be the center of attention, and what better way to make them feel like the star they are than by putting them on stage with a mic in hand? If bars aren’t their scene, renting a karaoke room can be the perfect tête-à-tête opportunity. Plus, you’ll get serenaded a lot, if that's your thing.

Cooking lessons for two.

Leos are natural leaders who don't mind showing off their skills. A cooking class is a fun way to let them do both. Plus, it can be very romantic and you get a tasty meal out of it to boot.

Poolside drinks.

Maybe you’d prefer spending the day relaxing together. In that case, taking Leo for a little poolside date is perfect way to celebrate Leo season. It's glamorous, chill, and the perfect opportunity for them to show off their new bathing suit.

Hit the town in style.
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Take your Leo on a date, and by that, I mean a real date — one that requires you to dress up before hitting the town. Leo loves looking their best, and chances are, they have something special to slip into they've been saving for the right excuse. Make reservations at a nice restaurant with a view, or even grab tickets to the theater. Anything fancy and traditionally romantic will do.

A photoshoot date.

Thanks to Leo's ruling heavenly body, the Sun, they really appreciate any date activity that makes them the center of attention. And is there any activity better for that than an impromptu photoshoot? Pick a destination relatively nearby that'll make for a gorgeous backdrop for the images. That way, you get a super fun date and photos to remember the day by, forever. (Not to mention some prime Instagram material.)

A spa day.

Leo loves to be spoiled and pampered, so why not make a date of it? If you have the budget, a spa day with massages and private time in the steam room will make your Leo purr. And you don't have to break the bank! For a similar experience on a budget, go for a couples' mani/pedi.

Go dancing.
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Leo never misses an opportunity to show off their moves, so a night out dancing will be a hit and make your Leo feel seen and appreciated.

Visit the zoo or go on an animal encounter.

There's a good chance that your warm-hearted Leo has a soft spot for animals, and would love to get up close and personal with them. It also doesn’t hurt that both the zoo and animal encounters like feeding a giraffe or swimming with dolphins make for great photos for the ‘gram. In fact, you can easily combine this date with the photoshoot idea. Win-win.

Try an escape room together.

Because Leos are natural leaders with excellent reasoning skills, an escape room makes for a fantastic date. Let them show off their ability to puzzle through the obstacles with you as their loyal sidekick.

A friendly competition.
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There's no question that Leos have a bit of a competitive streak. Sure, they feel like they're great at whatever they do, but they don’t mind proving it from time to time. So, pick a date that involves a little friendly competition, like mini golf, bowling, an arcade, or even a game night at home. Bonus points if there's a sexy prize involved at the end.

Dating a Leo can be so much fun. They're so adventurous and confident, they help everyone around them get out of their comfort zone and try new things — just one more reason to celebrate the season with your Leo love.