Britney Spears Does 2 Hours Of Yoga When She Travels, While I Can Barely Unpack My Bags

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Traveling can take a toll on both your body and your mind, especially when flying is involved. Your muscles get really tight, your brain feels all kinds of foggy, and you're just plain out of it by the time you arrive at your destination — so much so that I'm willing to bet you don't even have the motivation to unpack your bags when you get to your hotel or Airbnb. Look, I'm right there with you, girl: Vacation is all about relaxing and being free of all responsibility, but Britney Spears' yoga Instagram might just make you rethink immediately face-planting on your hotel bed as soon as your jet-setting is over for the day.

On Monday, Aug. 13, Spears posted an Instagram video of herself doing a fast-paced yoga flow in booty shorts, a sports bra, and sneakers in a hotel room, sans yoga mat. From just the video alone, you might think her yoga practice seems pretty standard, but in the caption for the post, the "Toxic" singer wrote, "Traveling from hotel to hotel can make you a little stir crazy, so I decided to start doing 2 hours of yoga in each room!" If that sounds like a lot to you, you're not wrong; even Spears wrote, "I was very sore the next day, but at least I got to use my time wisely."

So yeah, you read that right, fam: Britney Spears does two hours of yoga whenever she travels, which pretty much means you and I no longer have any valid excuse to procrastinate unpacking ever again. I can tell you this much: Even as a yoga teacher who has been practicing for years, if I did a two-hour, fast-paced flow like Spears, "sore" would be an understatement to describe how I would feel, and I think my body would need, like, seven years to recover. But this pop star doesn't mess around, and honestly, I wholeheartedly respect how extra she is with her yoga. It may sound like a lot to the rest of us, but clearly it works for her, so who are we to judge?

Plus, Spears is 100 percent on to something here: Arnold Nelson, an associate professor of kinesiology at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, told NBC News that, in general, stretching is definitely "a smart idea for people who are traveling." And yoga in particular can be a great way to stretch because it centers both your body and your mind which, for most people, is all too necessary after a long day of being on the move and dealing with the many headaches of traveling. Of course, a two-hour yoga practice probably isn't necessary, but simply rolling out your mat or grabbing a towel for a makeshift, on-the-go flow will do wonders for your entire being if you're feeling kind of off thanks to a new time zone or after a long road trip.

Physical asanas in a yoga practice can keep your body feeling loose and limber, not to mention relieve any physical stiffness you might be struggling with as a result of your travels. Additionally, the mindful, deep breathing you practice during a rejuvenating yoga flow can help soothe any pent-up anxiety or stress you're harboring and allow you to savor the present moment.

While Spears' two-hour, travel yoga practice definitely seems a bit complicated, your practice could be as simple as five minutes of meditation with some light stretching to refresh your frazzled mind after a flight. Or maybe you're interested in a slightly longer YouTube yoga flow that you can really lose yourself in once you arrive at your hotel. No matter what your practice looks like, take Spears' advice from her Insta post, and "use your time wisely."