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10 Yoga YouTube Channels That'll Take Your Practice To The Next Level

by Georgina Berbari
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If you've been bitten by the yoga bug, then you probably hate the thought of going a single day without rolling out your mat, even if it's just for a few minutes. And while it would be ideal to hit up your favorite local studio to get in a nourishing yoga flow every single day, the reality is there's usually not enough time for that. TBH, your wallet probably gets pretty pissed at times, too, which is why having a few reliable yoga YouTube channels bookmarked on your laptop is one of the best ways to keep up with your practice.

Seriously, guys, there are a ton of free classes, tutorials, and informative videos on all things yoga, all across the board, when you browse the magical online land that is YouTube. From five-minute, on-the-go flows to extensive, blissful meditation sessions, YouTube yogis truly have your best interests at heart when it comes to guiding you toward feeling totally awesome in your mind, body, and spirit.

The next time you don't have enough hours in the day to make it to the yoga studio, or even when you simply want to save some cash, check out these 10 YouTube yoga channels that are truly OM-mazing.

Yoga With Adriene

Yoga With Adriene dominates the YouTube yoga world. Whether you're looking for a total body flow, a "cozy flow," or literally anything else your yogi heart desires, Adriene's channel has you covered.

Bad Yogi

In the description of her YouTube channel, Bad Yogi says her goal is to ensure her classes are "fun and accessible." This channel gives you all the tutorials you could ever dream of, from gentle meditation, to 30-minute home yoga, to restorative yoga.

Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter calls herself a "spiritually fly" yogi, who offers yoga, meditation, inspiring chats, and all things lifestyle (think: hair, travel vlogs, beauty, and more) in her videos. Hit up Faith's channel if you're ready to spread your wings and fly through a totally blissful practice.

Ekhart Yoga

This channel is primarily led by Esther Ekhart, but oftentimes, she's joined by a number of other instructors. Ekhart's videos offer almost anything you can think of in the yoga realm, and while some will take just a few minutes out of your day, other videos are 20 and 30 minutes.

Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal's YouTube channel offers everything from sequences for beginners, to morning meditation, to breathing practices. No matter where or how you want to focus on your body or mind on a particular day, Yoga Journal has a video for you.

Fightmaster Yoga

If you like the sound of "HIIT yoga," you should probably head on over to the FightMaster YouTube channel. FightMaster yoga will provide you with all of the strengthening yoga workouts, no matter where you are in your practice.

Yoga By Candace

Yoga by Candace covers everything from short demos, to restorative yoga, to really any question you can possibly think of about your meditative practice.

Boho Beautiful

Boho Beautiful shows you yoga flows in the most beautiful places. The channel, which is run by yogis Juliana and Mark, also has videos of healthy smoothies you can whip up, travel hacks, guided mediation, and more.

Alo Yoga

You may have shopped Alo Yoga before, but have you checked out their YouTube videos? From glute work to working on your mind-body connection, Alo Yoga's channel has something for everyone.

Yoga With Kassandra

When you wander over to Yoga With Kassandra's channel, you'll find a variety of flows catered to athletes, as well as anyone who is looking for a rejuvenating, chill flow. Roll out your mat, and get ready to feel like the goddess that you are.

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