Fans have been waiting what seemed like forever for another BLACKPINK comeback. Luckily, they won't ...

Get Excited, BLINKS! BLACKPINK's Comeback Date Is Right Around The Corner

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Following the news BLACKPINK collaborated with Lady Gaga for her new album Chromatica, YG Entertainment announced the group will be releasing an album of their own this year. Fans have been waiting for what seems like forever for this news, so now that it's finally happening, they can't believe it. Luckily, they won't have to wait much longer because BLACKPINK's 2020 comeback date is so soon.

The last time BLACKPINK released new music was their Kill This Love EP in April 2019 featuring their hit single of the same name. Fans initially believed the group would make another comeback by the end of 2019, but that didn't end up happening. Business Post released an analysis of YG Entertainment's financial status in November 2019, revealing the group's comeback was expected to be delayed until 2020.

Fans were especially impatient for a comeback since BLACKPINK has yet to release a full-length album despite having been together for four years — practically an eternity in K-Pop, since most bands would have released several albums within the same time span.

As a result, fans campaigned for YG Entertainment to put more focus on the group's next comeback. The agency released a statement explaining they're doing their "absolute best" to give fans "the best music YG has to offer."

"We appreciate Blinks's interest and would like to ask you to continue supporting the girls working on their album release scheduled in early part of 2020," YG's statement read.

Finally, on May 4, STARNEWS reported BLACKPINK finished recording their album and are currently in the process of filming a new music video in preparation for a June comeback.

"BLACKPINK is scheduled to make a June comeback," YG confirmed. "Once the exact date has been finalized, we will officially share the news with fans first."

Fans have been waiting so long for an update, so now that BLACKPINK's comeback is confirmed to be happening in a matter of weeks, they showed their excitement by trending #BLACKPINKISCOMING and #BLACKPINKCOMEBACK on Twitter.

With both an album and a Lady Gaga collaboration on the way, BLINKS definitely have a lot to look forward to this year.