BLACKPINK's New "Kill This Love" Video Will Make You Want To Kill It On The Dance Floor

by Tara Martinez and Jamie LeeLo

Get ready, K-Pop fans! BLACKPINK is about to blow your minds with an incredible new music video for their single “Kill This Love.” The song is from their second album by the same name, and the video for it definitely has K-Pop fans talking. BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” music video is incredible, to say the least, and will leave you feeling empowered AF!

BLACKPINK’s Kill This Love album was released on Friday, April 5. While the album itself only has five tracks, it’s gaining a lot of traction thanks to the group’s popularity and unique musical flair. The first track off the album “Kill This Love” is already getting a lot of love from fans. In the song, BLACKPINK sings about those BS relationships that you know are toxic and just have to GTF out of.

Here’s a look at some of the lyrics:

[Verse 1: Jennie] After a sweet "Hi" there’s always a bitter "Bye / "After every crazy High there’s a Price you have to pay / There’s no answer to this Test I’ll always fall for it Yes / I’m a slave to my emotions / Screw this heartless love
[Verse 4: Jennie & Lisa] Feelin’ like a sinner / Its so fire with him I go boo hoo / He said you look crazy / Thank you baby / I owe it all to you / Got me all messed up / His love is my favorite / But you plus me sadly can be dangerous
[Bridge: Rosé] We all commit to love / That makes you cry / We’re all making love / That kills you inside
[Outro: All] We must kill this love / Yeah, it's sad but true / Gotta kill this love / Before it kills you too / Kill this love / Yeah, it's sad but true / Gotta kill this love / Let's kill this love!

You guys get the theme, right?

It’s easy to see why the fans are loving the song and the music video for it is only adding to that love! The video features the women basically kicking ass, taking names, and rocking serious dance moves, as one might expect. It's one of those music videos that makes me want to go buy army boots and red lipstick.

Obviously, BLACKPINK’s fans are raving about it. Here’s a look at the video so you can see what all the hype is about:

It’s pretty clear that BLACKPINK put every ounce of dedication and energy they had into making this video. And it turned out great! I have no doubt that the rest of the videos for the album are going to turn out just as epic. Speaking of the album, here’s a look at the entire tracklist, as posted to Instagram by BLACKPINK themselves:

As you can see, there are four more songs on the EP besides “Kill This Love,” so there’s plenty more content to come! Can’t wait to see what the girls come out with next!