Bella Hadid Just Wore The Cutest PVC Sandals, & You Can Snag Them From Zara For Only $50

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's pretty rare for my fave celebs to be rocking pieces I can afford to copy, so when anyone I follow on Instagram is spotted wearing something we can twin in, it's cause for celebration. When I spotted Bella Hadid's $50 Zara sandals, I placed an order for my own size in seconds, for a number of reasons. First, I love Hadid's style. Second, I'm a regular shopper at Zara, and it doesn't take much to convince me hit "Checkout." Third, the sandals in question just so happen to be cute AF, and they're a super-affordable way to try out 2019's PVC trend.

What is PVC, you ask? It's basically a clear plastic that's taken over when it comes to accessories, particularly footwear. When I first saw Kim Kardashian rocking clear Yeezy heels, I couldn't wrap my head around the look — Why not just wear nude pumps? What happens when you sweat? However, it wasn't long before the transparent trend caught on, and I admit to having a pair of PVC heels in my very own closet as we speak. No regrets; the clear material means they go with literally everything.

Apparently, Bella Hadid is also a fan, as she just stepped out in a girly summer 'fit complete with some cute black-and-clear sandals:


Yes, she looks like a million bucks, but to be clear (Pun intended!), her sandals are super affordable. They're the Methacrylate Heeled Sandals with Vinyl Straps ($50,, and I definitely saw them in my local Zara on a recent shopping trip.

I especially love that these have a thick, clear kitten heel:

The clear heels totally go with Hadid's overall funky vibes for this look. I'm loving her yellow tee, rainbow flower itty-bitty mini skirt, and throwback Louis Vuitton handbag:


I also love that she played up the black detailing on these sandals by creating more parallel lines via anklets. ICYMI, anklets are back, people! And if you aren't crafty enough to DIY yourself some out of string, you can totally snag some online when you buy those clear heels.

It's possible Hadid's are a little more bougie, not unlike the Roxanne Assoulin Patchwork Set of Two Anklets ($60,

...But if you want to try the trend for less, this Beaded Anklet Set ($6, probably costs less than the string and beads you'd need to make them on your own:

Hadid kept the rest of her accessories simple with tiny sunnies and large gold hoops that drew attention to her braided hairdo:


TBH, this is a perfect summer outfit recipe. Bright top, bold skirt, fun shoes, and lots of cute accessories. I might've previously assumed anklets and clear shoes would be too trendy to pair together, but Hadid proves the look is a Do, not a Don't, and now I'm here for it. I've already got my own pair of PVC heels, so excuse my while I go dig up my craft box and DIY myself some anklets for a Bella Hadid-approved touch.