Here’s What Behati Prinsloo’s Zodiac Sign Says About Her Bond With Adam Levine

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Super Bowl Sunday is brilliant because there's a little something for everyone: sports' fans battling wills, hors d'oeurves to set foodies' hearts aflame, talk-of-the-town commercials, and of course, sizzling (or touching) half-time shows. This year's spectacle is brought to you by pop-rock sweethearts Maroon 5. While fine AF frontman Adam Levine taking the stage will be a treat, we can't forget that Levine's wife, Behati Prinsloo, stays front-and-center as a supermodel. Looking at this pop culture power couple begs the question: How do they make it work? Well, here's what Behati Prinsloo’s zodiac sign says about her, how she tends to be in relationships, and her romance with Levine.

Born in Grootfontein, Namibia, Prinsloo celebrates a May 16 birthday, making her a Taurus. Her sign is represented by a bull, which fits the Taurus vibe perfectly. Taureans are known as the stubborn, loyal, but "treat yo' self" signs of the zodiac. So Prinsloo is someone you'll want on your side in a fight, and who you'll call when you need comfort food and YouTube karaoke, stat, after a breakup. Because she's one of the Earth signs (Taurus shares the element with Virgo and Capricorn), Prinsloo is "grounded." That's just a quaint way of saying she's practical and keeps it 100 all the time.

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Another thing about Taureans is that they're determined as hell. The Taurus really leaps out for Prinsloo when you look at her career. Two years after moving to the U.S. for modeling, Prinsloo became the face of the Victoria's Secret PINK label. A year later, she snagged a coveted spot as VS Angel. And while Victoria's Secret is far from perfect (the brand was recently mired in controversy due to fatphobic and transphobic comments by CMO Ed Razek), the prestige remains. That's another thing about Taureans. You will never catch one who isn't successful and on their grind.

When it comes to relationships, Taureans can take some getting used to — but they're absolutely worth it. For one, their determination means accepting that they'll always be reaching for the stars. A Taurean's work ethic can be maddening. But for their partners, like Levine, it can also be motivation to keep pursuing career and #relationshipgoals. Another trait of Taureans is that they're brutally honest, so count on the bull to keep bullsh*t to a minimum. This means two things. One, miscommunication probably isn't a problem for Prinsloo in her relationships. And two, once Prinsloo gets past wanting to see the best in everyone, friends or lovers that cross her will be cut off effective immediately.

The best thing about being a partner to a Taurus, though, is their devotion. They're choosy when it comes to who they're going to spend their life with — and that wording is intentional. Taureans, like Prinsloo, tend to be in it for the long-haul. On an episode of What Watch Happens Live last year, Prinsloo spoke about her slow-burn romance with Levine through email correspondence, back in 2012.

Ruled under Venus, Taureans are also ultra passionate and sensual people. Prinsloo's enthusiasm for her career is clear. (Despite the 4 a.m. call times, delayed flights and days spent in airports that make Prinsloo's job "not so glamorous," Prinsloo still expresses gratitude for all the opportunities being an Angel brings.) And being a VS Angel ranks pretty high up there, as far as sensual day jobs go. But surely that passion translates elsewhere in Prinsloo's personal life, which is probably a plus for Levine. I mean, have you ever listened to a Maroon 5 song?

That sense of memorable hookups, Byronic romances, and whirlwind drama that just oozes out of Maroon 5's discography is probably due to the fact that Levine is a Pisces. With a birthday of March 18, Levine was born at the tail end of Pisces season. Some key traits of a lovelorn Pisces are that they're moody and artistic. As a water sign, Levine can add a bit of dreaminess to Prinsloo's practicality. And in turn, Prinsloo standing up for herself and her family (Levine and Prinsloo have two girls; 2-year-old Dusty Rose makes a cameo alongside Prinsloo in Maroon 5's "Girls Like You" video) and calling it like it is fulfills Levine's need for security as a Pisces.

These two signs are also a great fit for each other because they can indulge the other in their decadence. As a Pisces, Levine is intuitive and dreams big. Taureans, like Prinsloo, tend to like the luxe things in life. It's no surprise that the couple's go-to date is a L.A. Lakers game and dinner at gourmet American restaurant Craig's in Beverly Hills.

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We probably won't get a moment as iconic as Levine cheering on Prinsloo as she walks the runway this Sunday. But we'll know in our hearts that Prinsloo and Levine are as supportive, fiercely passionate, no-nonsense, and as fun as couples come.