7 Ways Pisces Use Their Mystery To Keep Loved Ones Hooked

by Valerie Mesa

Although all water signs are mysterious by nature, calling a Pisces an enigma would be an understatement. As the 12th sign of the zodiac, Pisces possess many of the characteristics of the 11 signs that have come before them. As Pisces are ruled by the spiritual and elusive planet Neptune, the Pisces personality is highly evolved, intuitive and psychic.

Warning: When you lock eyes with a Pisces, make sure not to drown. Looking into the eyes of a Pisces is a trance-like experience. It's like swimming through an eternal sea of secret dreams.

It's no coincidence that people like Kurt Cobain and Elizabeth Taylor were born under the sign of the Pisces. Kurt's watery moods played a huge role in Nirvana's music, just like Liz Taylor's smoldering passions played a huge role in her films.

Here are seven reasons why being with a Pisces will make your mind spin:

1. They are sensitive souls.

Pisces put the needs of others before their own. They are compassionate, loyal and self-sacrificing. Their intuitive nature also explains why they experience unfathomably deep emotions.

Pisces will see the best in any person or situation. But when reality steps in, they sometimes can be disappointed.

2. They live in a fantasy land.

Earth to Pisces. Come in, Pisces.

Ever wonder why Pisces look sleepy or drunk most of the time? These guppies constantly struggle between fantasy and reality. They see the world through rose-colored glasses, and their minds alternate between the conscious and subconscious.

A Pisces doesn't need sleep in order to dream. Daydreaming is a favorite past time.

3. They are natural-born artists.

The mind of a Pisces is universal and spiritually evolved. Their colorful Neptunian imaginations artistically influence those around them.

Many musicians, artists and poets are born under this sign. Their imaginative vision is perfect for art and symphony.

Most Pisces find release by expressing their personal dramas. As writers, musicians and actors, they help others make sense of their experiences.

4. They are psychic.

Water signs are receptive to waves of emotion. Given that Pisces are water signs, their innate psychic abilities will forever influence their lives.

Pisces are sponges for their environments. They are ultra-sensitive to the emotions of others, so much so that it can almost be physically draining. If they're surrounded by negativity, they will most likely take the bad vibes home with them. Although it's not intentional, Pisces need to work harder at establishing spiritual boundaries.

5. They are brilliant.

The mind of a Pisces is more complex than people think. Despite their high on life personality, these fish are extremely gifted in their own ways.

The senses of a Pisces are very sharp. For this reason, they can easily expect the unexpected. They are attuned to intangibles such as energy, music, metaphysics and more.

I mean, Albert Einstein was a Pisces. Enough said.

6. They are changeable.

Although the world operates within time frames and commitments, Pisces like to go wherever the tide takes them. A Pisces prefers to keep his or her options open at all times, just in case he or she changes his or her mind.

A Pisces's moody nature and inconsistency may leave others completely puzzled.

7. They disappear from time to time.

Pisces love to be alone. Their utter mission in life consists of sleeping for long periods of time and withdrawing within themselves.

Think you know what your Pisces friend, sister or boyfriend is really thinking? Guess again. This water sign will take you on an emotional journey through his or her abyss-like heart.

Although it will not be the smoothest ride, I can guarantee you will not forget it. No, it isn't easy to love a Pisces. But it isn't that hard, either.