April 10, 2021 Will Be The Best Day Of The Month For Every Zodiac Sign

This Is The 1 Day In April That Will Be Glorious For Every Zodiac Sign & Here's Why

April is a time for fresh starts and launching exciting new endeavors. With all this invigorating new energy around you, the excitement of so many new possibilities is endless. While your April 2021 horoscope speaks to the biggest themes this month based on your sign, the best day in April 2021 for each zodiac sign will be Saturday, April 10.

While you're gearing up for Taurus season, the fiery energy that coincides with the start of spring will still be hanging in the air, prompting you to really push things forward, specifically in the house of your chart that's governed by Aries. Working with this area of your chart will be very beneficial, especially on April 10, when Venus in Aries forms a sextile with Jupiter in Aquarius.

A sextile is a harmonious aspect in astrology, and it mirrors the effect of Venus, the "benefic" planet of love, harmony, and creativity. Jupiter is The Greater Benefic (it's the bigger planet out of the two), bringing expansion, growth, and abundance to wherever it resides in your birth chart. When Venus and Jupiter connect in a harmonious aspect, they fuse their significations, bringing big opportunities, positivity, and growth. Despite these planets being in signs of different elements and modality, a sextile allows the differences of the two signs to work together, supporting each other's expression. With Venus and Jupiter coming together in this way on April 10, the growth and abundance you'll notice in your life will be monumental.

If you're wondering where exactly this energy will be unfolding in your chart on April 10, here's a breakdown:


Aries: This Energy Will Bring Much-Needed Growth To Your Friendships And Connections

Since it's still your season, all eyes will remain on you, especially while the sun continues to illuminate your first house of self. On April 10, Venus in Aries will form a sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius, linking your creative pursuits to your friendships and social groups. The opportunities that may arise from the newfound attention you'll be receiving will bring you growth and abundance, and allow you to form valuable relationships with the people around you. Since this will be such a social time, be sure to pace yourself. Despite a booked and busy social calendar, it'll be important to give yourself some downtime.

Taurus: The Time You Spent Focusing Your Attention Inward Will Really Pay Off

You've been spending a great deal of Aries season focusing on self-reflection and mental health, and on April 10, you'll start to see that really pay off in your professional life. As Jupiter continues to move through your 10th house of career, the sextile from Venus in Aries will tie the growth from spending time in seclusion into your profession, aiding in growth and new, original ideas. This period will mark an expansive time. If you've been looking for a sign to display any new projects, that time is now. Doing the work in private is the hard part, but the time has come for you to really shine.

Gemini: Connecting With Friends Who Share Like-Minded Beliefs Will Bring Growth To Your Spiritual Practices

The amount of spiritual growth you've endured in 2021 has been incredible, and on April 10, you'll start to form genuine connections with like-minded individuals who share the same spiritual goals and ideals as you. With Venus in Aries moving through your 11th house of friends, you'll notice that connecting with new groups of people will happen very suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere. Opportunities to take (safe) vacations or retreats to form tighter bonds with your newfound companions could present themselves, and as the social butterfly of the zodiac, you'll be eager to participate.

Cancer: Your Career And Public Image Will Be Accelerating Quickly

New opportunities will be falling into your lap this month pertaining to your shared resources and career endeavors. On April 10, Venus and Jupiter will harmoniously join forces to support your new professional opportunities, and this energy will invite collaborations and investments from others to better support you. This is a perfect day to reach out to that colleague you've been wanting to work with, or even ask for a raise you deserve from your employer. The unity you've been seeking in your professional life will finally reach a culmination, and the recognition you've been waiting for will finally arrive.

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Leo: Growth In Your Romantic Relationships Will Align Beautifully With Your Newfound Beliefs

Your romantic relationships have been getting a lot of attention this year, and April 10 will definitely be emphasizing that. Venus roaming through your ninth house of spirituality, higher education, and travels will be connecting with Jupiter, currently residing in your seventh house of relationships and partnerships. You may feel inclined to share newfound spiritual knowledge with your partner during this time, and may be surprised at how much spiritual growth takes place in your relationships during this period. You may also feel prompted to book a sudden trip that prioritizes broadening your horizons, but be mindful not to move too hastily. It's still Aries season, after all.

Virgo: You're Deepening The Healthy Routines And Habits You've Started

As the productive sign of the zodiac, efficiency is one of your strong suits and you've really been striving for more routine and healthy habits in your life this year. On April 10, you'll start to notice your consistency begin to pay off, as Venus in Aries connects with Jupiter in Aquarius, tying your daily routines and your transformative ambitions together. You've really been working to change your less-constructive habits, and on this day, you'll really start to notice the fruits of your labor.

Libra: Your Love Life And Sexual Expression Are Getting An Extra Boost

Aries season has emphasized your love life even more than usual, and April 10 will invite some fun and creative new energy in to shake things up. When Venus harmoniously connects with Jupiter, some much-needed growth will take place regarding your sexuality as it pertains to the romantic relationships in your life. While Jupiter has been moving through your fifth house of sexual and creative expression since December, you've become familiar with new and refreshing ways to express yourself. Venus in Aries is emphasizing your desire for unity, and Jupiter is expanding upon that, welcoming fun new opportunities with your romantic partner.

Scorpio: The Growth Within Your Home And Family Is Aligning With Your Work Ethic

While you've been experiencing a lot of expansion in your home this year, your daily work and responsibilities have also asked that you take on bigger roles. On April 10, the hard work you've been doing will begin to affect your home and family life in a positive way. Finding balance between work and home can be a challenge, but when Venus in Aries connects with Jupiter in Aquarius, you'll begin to notice how much these two areas of your life really align. This is a great day for a virtual game night with your coworkers, or to reorganize your workspace at home.

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Sagittarius: Your Communicative Styles Are Supporting Your Romantic And Creative Endeavors

Your desire to share your unique thoughts and ideas with others has been a priority for you this year, and on April 10, you'll start to notice jus how much growth has taken place when it comes to your communicative style. As Venus travels through your fifth house of pleasure, sex, and creativity, the harmonious aspect to Jupiter moving through your third house will ignite exciting and enjoyable conversations with a potential love interest. You may also use this day to get creative with your ideas, and a perfect way to use this energy is by starting a fun new project.

Capricorn: Your Money And Possessions Are Allowing Increased Unity Within Your Home And Family

You've been working hard to get your finances in order, and on April 10, Venus in your fourth house of home will be harmoniously connecting with Jupiter in your second house of finances, prompting you to admire how far you've come pertaining to your spending habits. If you've been saving up to move or redecorate, this day will mark a positive milestone for you. Today's a good day to sit back and appreciate how hard you've worked, and how far you've come. Your desire for unity within your home has been something you've prioritized during Aries season, and today's a perfect day to enjoy the peace in your household.

Aquarius: The Growth Pertaining To Your Self-Direction Is Being Harmoniously Expressed Through How You Communicate With Others

There's been a lot of expansion taking place pertaining to your sense of self, and on April 10, you'll start to notice this growth exuding through your ideas and communicative styles. As the rebel of the zodiac, you place a lot of emphasis on your unique and original opinions, which may at times leave you feeling like an outsider. When Venus forms a sextile to Jupiter, however, you'll be prompted to share your thoughts and ideas with ease. This is also a perfect day to dive into learning something new. With all this Aries energy present, you'll absorb the new information quickly and with ease.

Pisces: Your Desire To Focus Your Attention Inward Has Led To A Surge In Confidence And Self-Worth

You've experienced a lot of spiritual growth this year, and on April 10, the inner work you've been doing will start to reflect outwardly in a way that opens doors to new opportunities pertaining to your money and possessions. Working on yourself isn't always easy and can prompt you to feel a bit isolated, but with your newfound developments, you're now in a place to share the knowledge you have with others and benefit from it. Venus navigating through your second house of possessions is bringing benefits to your finances, and when it connects with Jupiter in your 12th house, it'll prompt you to start sharing your spiritual practices with others. Your inner work has done a lot for your self-confidence, and you are now in a place of recognizing your worth and value.