A husky dressed up in a unicorn costume sits on a boardwalk in the woods and poses for a picture.
Amazon Pets' Halloween Costumes Are Something To Bark About

svetikd/E+/Getty Images

Getting your pup into the spirit of Halloween can be pretty simple. They always want to snuggle with you when you're watching Hocus Pocus, and don't mind going for a walk to see your neighborhood's spooky decor. As Oct. 31 creeps closer, you probably want to take things to the next level and score your adorable pup one of Amazon Pets' 2020 Halloween costumes.

Not to bark about it, but they'd look so cute dressed up like a taco, pizza slice, or superhero. You can picture them strutting around your home, stopping at every mirror to look at themselves and think, "I clean up real good." Although they aren't always the best at posing for pictures, you're surely going to want to have a photoshoot to commemorate their sweet outfit. You may set up an Instagram backdrop in your home and ask them to sit or stay while you snap pics from the other side of the camera, and then give them some treats for being such a good boy.

Now, before you can have a photoshoot, you'll need to have a costume for your pet picked out and purchased. When shopping, you'll want to think about what would be most comfortable for them as well as cute. Amazon Pets has tons of options for you to choose from. Add a paw-fect look to your cart RN.

A Superhero

On any given day, your pet is ready to make your day. They likely snuggle up with you in the middle of tiring Zoom meetings, swoop in with some kisses when you're working on a time-consuming project, and are ready to be your hiking buddy at any moment's notice. It's only right, then, that you dress them up in a superhero costume. This one is complete with a shiny red skirt.

A United States Postal Service Carrier

What would you do without the United States Postal Service? Not only are they taking care of your ballot for the upcoming election, but they also make sure you get your orders on time. If your dog or cat is a big fan of them, too, then they'll love this mail carrier costume, complete with a shipping box and hat.

A Hot Dog

Your pet doesn't need to be a "wiener" dog or a corgi in order to pull off this silly hot dog costume. (However, it could certainly help, you know?) No matter what, it'll be a big hit with your friends, family members, and Instagram followers who have a sense of humor. It'll be a real treat on their feeds or in the group chat.

A Dinosaur

Your pet is probably the opposite of a dinosaur. They're cute, cuddly, and maybe don't make a lot of noise, either. But if you dress them up in this adorable dinosaur costume, they won't feel out of place. It's comfortable hoodie and can be bought in two bright shades. Which will you choose?

A Slice Of Pizza

Is that a slice of pizza on the floor? Oh, nope! That's just your cat or dog all dressed up for Halloween. They look so adorable, and also like they're chilling under the most delicious blanket ever. Should they wear this costume for your birthday party on FaceTime or Zoom, too? Definitely.


For pets and pawrents who are obsessed with anything Disney-related, there's this Piglet costume. It'll transform your pet into one of the beloved characters from Winnie the Pooh, and even gives it those big, pink ears. Put your pet in this costume and make sure they strike a pose next to a jar of honey.


Danger doesn't scare your pet. They leap from one countertop to the next, or chase a ball into the woods like it's their job. To be honest, they'd make a great member of the Avengers, which is why you should dress them up in this Spider-Man costume. Spoiler alert: No webs or high-tech glasses are included.

Tom Nook

Put down your Nintendo Switch controllers for one second to purchase this Tom Nook costume for your cat or dog. It's the animated raccoon's classic T-shirt, which he wears during all your morning announcements. It'll be a slam-dunk option for Animal Crossing lover, and won't leave you with any debt to a raccoon.