12 Telltale Signs You're Actually A Vampire & Need A Cape, Like RN

The truth can bite. Your best friend will tell you that your Halloween costume just isn't as cute and witty as last year, or maybe you don't have time for pumpkin picking in your calendar. Ugh, what gives! It's hard to hear — but don't worry, things are looking up. If we're being honest, you're not just an average human being. The universe has secretly handed you a cape, and it's time you embrace that side of your personality. Right now, your one and only question is: Am I a vampire? Well, if you can relate to a few things, then you have all your answers. You're creepin' it real.

You've been tracking your star sign and what it means to be a Sagittarius for years, without even considering that you may be a vampire or something beyond. Growing up, you'd run around your house at this time of the year with makeup on and pretend to melt at the sight of sunlight. Who knew that the whole charade wasn't just a fantasy? It's only dawning on you now that this is who you've been all along.

Suddenly, there's a reason why you love taking naps in the middle of the afternoon, and an explanation for your obsession with Edward and Bella from the Twilight series. (Should you move to Seattle now? Probably.) All the spooky pieces of the puzzle are coming together, and you can relate to these 12 things, too.

Your Favorite Activity Is Sleeping

Getting horizontal is your favorite thing to do. You love snuggling up in those fluffy blankets, and your best pal is your pillow. If you could turn this passion of yours into a paycheck? Well, that would be the dream.

For some, getting out of bed in the morning is exciting and rejuvenating. They can't wait to start their day and see what's in store. But you turn off your alarms and begin the countdown to your afternoon nap. It's a necessity in your lifestyle.

You Love When It's Cloudy Outside

Cloudy days speak to your soul — or lack of, because well, you're a vampire. You would honestly do so well living in a place like the Pacific Northwest, because it's constantly overcast. The mornings when you can wake up and pour yourself a cup of coffee without getting attacked by the sun are your version of bliss. It's like the weather just fits your #mood, and the sky is asking you to stay in bed just a little bit longer.

But Whenever You're In Sunlight, You Sparkle

On the rare occasion that you're out and about in the sunlight, you embrace it. Summer isn't your favorite season or anything, but you do love any chance you can get to sparkle. Your skin glistens in the glow of golden hour, and your body gets a rush anytime you can soak in a few rays. Truth be told, you might be melting — or maybe just sweating? You tell me. You're the human-turned-vampire, after all.

Your Highlighter Is Always On Point

Being a vampire means you have your makeup routine down to a science. When you're not sleeping, you want to truly stun the crowd — and that requires a bit of highlighter that shimmers and shines. Like the girl who's a workaholic, you're always a bit misunderstood. Having a look that's always on point doesn't mean that you can't be lazy sometimes. It just tells the world that, despite having a tight-knit relationship with your bed and cloudy days, you love haunting it.

You Always Add A Red Lip To Your Look

What makes your look even better? A red lip, of course! You've been adding this detail to your outfits since day one, and now you know why. It's a bright pop of color, compared to your black apparel, and shows the world that you're rather friendly, and not going to bite. Being a vampire is fang-tastic, but not everyone is down for hanging with ghouls and ghosts — ya know?

You Love Wearing The Color Black

The only color that you really care about is black. Growing up, your mom would always try and buy you colorful, striped sweaters or put some new hues into your wardrobe. But, you always wanted to stick with the darker tones, and dodged any shirt with a bold yellow or bright shade of blue.

Truth is, dressing like midnight is your favorite thing to do. Black matches everything, including itself — which means getting dressed in the morning is easy peasy lemon squeeze-y. You're not always a moody person, but you can see where the cape and lack of colors in your closet may make people think differently. Oh well!

Your Closet Is Filled With Oversized Items

Amongst all of your capes and cute clothes is your true style. Your closet is filled with oversized sweaters, jackets, and T-shirts that can be turned into dresses, too. You always buy items that are just a little bit bigger than what you need, and frequently rock blanket scarves in the fall. Your best friend will always say to you, "Wow! You look so comfy, right now." She's so right, and you keep one thing in mind when you're shopping: Comfort is key.

You Were "Team Edward" Back In Middle School

Back in middle school, you and your best friend were obsessed with the Twilight series. You'd spend your lunch period debating the different love triangles, and what would happen in the next book. (Don't even get me started on the movie marathons you'd have when the novels inevitably got turned into feature films.)

You always argued that Edward was better for Bella, and defend the family of vampires. Little did you know, you were one of them.

You Love To Make Dramatic Entrances

Making dramatic entrances is sort of your thing. It's not that you love to cause trouble or anything. You just adore the spotlight, as long as it's not made of sun. Just like a vampire, you always make sure your outfit slays. You typically run fashionably late, too, so that everyone can see you when you walk in the door.

Can somebody tell the DJ to put on my favorite song? That's right. Like in a game of baseball, you step up to the plate (or the party) with a soundtrack going on in the background. Let's be honest: If you weren't a vampire, you'd be the baddest witch on the block.

You Always Tell Your Best Friend To "Hang In There"

Back in the day, you received some solid advice from a bat. Your crush from class was into someone else, or you were trying to get through a rough part of the pumpkin patch. So, that little friend of yours reminded you to hang in there. Everything changes, and no moment is meant to last forever.

Nowadays, you're passing on those words of wisdom to your best friend. You're giving her one of your comfy blankets, letting her rant about whatever's going on in life, and reassuring her that this too shall pass. When all is said and done, that drama is just a bunch of hocus pocus — am I right?

You Steer Clear Of Any Bad Blood

Vampires don't do drama. That's actually what the cape is for — to block out haters and toxic situations. Nobody needs those passive aggressive conversations or friendships in their life, especially when there's sleeping to do!

Honestly, steering clear of all the bad blood in the world is the one thing that really makes you feel like you have your 20s figured out. You've learned that surrounding yourself with only the sweetest and most supportive pumpkins in the patch means that everyone wins. Drama? Yeah, no. Boo!

You Believe In Love At First Bite

Whether it's pizza or another person, you've found that you truly believe in love at first sight (or bite.) Maybe it's all those romantic comedies and scary movies that still end in happily ever after. But, you can't help but want your very own castle and Count Dracula.

You imagine that one day someone will come into your life wearing the coolest cape, and sweep you off your feet. You'll truly know it's meant to be if they can relate to these few things, too.