J. Lo & A. Rod Welcomed The New Year With A Badass Video Of Them Slaying A Workout

by Georgina Berbari

I don't often use the term "couple goals," but TBH, I can't help it when it comes to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. From the way they support each other to the adorable workout videos they post together on the reg, they. Are. Everything. I aspire to have the kind of love that this beautiful couple clearly shares, and Alex Rodriguez's New Year's Instagram with Jennifer Lopez just confirmed that my casual obsession with the celeb couple is totally justified, and that it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Earlier this week, as his way of welcoming the new year, A. Rod posted an Instagram video of him and J. Lo at the gym together. In the caption, he wrote, "The grind never stops. What are you going to make of 2019?" Good question, my man. I'm going to go ahead and say that, if my 2019 looks as good as you and J. Lo slaying a sweat sesh together, I'll be quite content.

What's even more precious about the post is that A. Rod's Instagram video was shot with J. Lo's new song “Limitless" as the background music, which, aside from being straight-up adorable (these two always support one another, and I love it), is also just so on-point, because that song is absolute fire, especially for a workout.

Based on the comments section beneath A. Rod's post, it seems like his Instagram followers are just as obsessed with the video (and the couple in general) as I am.

"Yassssss @jlo works out in hoops!!! #mygirl," one commenter gushed. "JLO with the good form," wrote another. "I see you with the bench press @jlo!" said another fan. Honestly, true. J. Lo may have just singlehandedly provided me with a new year's resolution that I actually want to stick to: learning how to bench-press. What can I say — I want to be a "superwoman" just like my girl Jenny.

Plus, the back extensions, tricep pushdowns, and lat pulldowns that J. Lo's doing in A. Rod's Instagram video are pretty freaking impressive, too. I'm low-key sweating just watching her, but it really does inspire me to step up my own game in the new year when it comes to updating my workout routine.

Clearly, J. Lo's absolutely killing the game here, guys, and her man is right there beside her doing his thing. There's such a clear chemistry between the two, and you can totally see it in the countless other times the couple has made #gains together.

#TBT to when the power couple rolled out their yoga mats and did the damn thing: "You push me I push you... #yinandyang," J. Lo captioned the August 2017 Instagram post. I'm not crying, you're crying.

Or what about A. Rod's post back in September 2018, when he praised his better half in the most adorable way, writing, "She is working as hard today as she does every day and it’s amazing to watch." OK fine, I'm crying. It's official.

And let's not forget about that one time when A. Rod hit up J. Lo's dance rehearsal to let his queen and her badass team show him their epic moves. Ugh, I just love them.

I think we can all agree that J. Lo and A. Rod bring so much positivity to the world, whether it's through their work or their social media posts. I stanned these two all throughout 2018, and I will continue to stan in 2019 — you can count on it.