All The Times Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Worked Out Together & Made Your Heart Burst

A couple of months ago, I came across an Instagram video of a couple working out together. These two weren't just exercising beside each other, though; they were helping each other. He would squat with her on his shoulders, and then he would help hold her ankles while she did sit-ups, and it was hard to deny how cute it was. But as adorable as that couple was, the times Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez worked out together take the cake for adorable couple workouts. I'm so here for this power couple, especially when that power means taking over the world, raising adorable kids, and getting stronger physically.

Although both J. Lo and A. Rod post individual workout photos and videos on social media pretty regularly, they've also shared a number of moments together. One of the classes they bond over is their mutual love of high-intensity hot yoga classes at a studio called TruFusion, but it seems like whatever kind of exercise this couple tries their hand at together, they have so much fun doing it.

If your partner is reluctant to work out with you, try showing them this super cute list of J. Lo and A. Rod's best workout moments, and who knows — maybe they'll come around, especially if you promise to take a cute pic to commemorate the time spent together.

When they killed an outdoor sweat sesh together
Alex Rodriguez/Instagram

I'm the kind of person who gets bored pretty quickly if I try to work out in a confined space like a gym. It seems like A. Rod and J. Lo also love to take their workouts outside to take advantage of the sunshine.

When J. Lo said they motivate each other
jlo on Instagram

"You push me I push you," she wrote in the caption. Like I said, guys — they are the ultimate power couple.

When they played golf together in their downtime
jlo on Instagram

Not every day has to include a super hardcore workout — not even for this fitness-loving duo. Anyone who works out on a regular basis knows that, sometimes, you just need to give your body a rest for a day or two, and even superstars like A. Rod and J. Lo occasionally tone it down and opt for a light game of golf. #Balance.

When A. Rod praised her hard work
Alex Rodriguez/Instagram

Having a partner who recognizes and praises your hustle is definitely a plus. "She is working as hard today as she does every day and it’s amazing to watch," A-Rod wrote in the caption.

When A. Rod said they were a "dream team"
arod on Instagram

Honestly, this photo makes it look like they're planning to build a fitness empire in between reps, and I'm so here for it.

When they filmed each other killing it
arod on Instagram

If you and your partner work up a sweat together and film each other smashing out exercises for IG, I totally ship it.

When they switched things up
arod on Instagram

Back in August 2017, A. Rod used a #TrainDifferent hashtag on this video posted to his Instagram account, and I seriously love the idea of mixing things up so that your workout routine doesn't get old. You will definitely swoon over the cute couple going through routine after routine in perfect sync.

When he tried to crash her dance rehearsal
arod on Instagram

A partner who supports your dreams is a great partner, at least in my opinion. I don't know about you, but I would definitely pay to see A. Rod perform a sassy dance routine alongside his sweetheart.

When they looked adorable AF on their way to the gym
arod on Instagram

These casual pre-gym smiles show that not even a workout can distract these lovebirds from how much they enjoy spending time together.

The time they couldn't get close enough
arod on Instagram

A workout that allows you to train your laughter muscles is much more fun than a super serious workout. Watching these two giggle together is just the cutest.

Hitting the gym together to destress
arod on Instagram

Two leaders in their respective industries like J. Lo and A. Rod have to feel the heat sometimes, but for these champs, exercise is a priority. "Crazy schedules means crazy hours, but we never miss a workout," he wrote in the caption. "It’s the best way to de-stress."