Kylie Jenner Hinted At A Kylie Cosmetics x Kendall Collab & Dished About Why There Isn't One Already

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's wild to think that, despite so many Kylie Cosmetics collabs over the years, Kylie Jenner still hasn't managed to team up with all of her famous sisters for special collections. In fact, despite having multiple collaborations with Kim and Khloé, one with Kourtney, and one with her mother Kris, Jenner has made it this far without ever including her closest-in-age sibling, Kendall. Apparently, though, that's about to change, and a possible Kylie Cosmetics x Kendall Collection might be in the works. IMHO, A Kenny Kollection (not the official name, but a great one I just made up myself) is long overdue, so I've got my fingers crossed that this hinted-at collab becomes a reality very, very soon.

Kylie Cosmetics bangs out product practically every month, and in between dropping seasonal collections as well as one-off products like its newest Setting Powders, the brand often collaborates with Jenner's favorite people on personalized collections. Her collaboration with Kim basically began the KKW Beauty brand; she transformed the company to Kris Cosmetics for Mother's Day 2018; and even her ex-bestie Jordyn Woods got a collection featuring BFF-approved products. For a while now, Kendall has been left out, and apparently, fans took notice.

The girls have their own self-named brand together, after all, so why not collab on some beauty products, too?

In a recent Instagram Live, after mentioning a future collaboration with her makeup artist, Ariel Tejada, Kylie noticed a fan reach out about her sister, writing, "Can we also get a collab with Kendall?” in the comments. Upon seeing the message, Kylie stopped, read it aloud, and winked. Yup, she winked, and then shushed the camera with her finger to her lips Hannah Montana-style. If that's not confirmation that a collab is coming soon, I don't know what is.

Finally, we'll be blessed with some sister-approved products to wear with our Kendall + Kylie brand outfits:

Why no collection to date, you ask? Kylie elaborated on why she and Kendall hadn't already put something out together. "You know Kendall was in a contract for a really long time so I couldn’t do a collab with her,” Kylie said during the Instagram Live stream, claiming this was "the only reason" a Kylie Cosmetics collection with her never took shape. Jenner appeared in tons of Esteé Lauder ads, and was the face of the Esteé Edit brand, which has since folded. It makes sense that they couldn't collab then, but seeing as Proactiv, the skincare company Kendall currently reps, doesn't sell makeup, it seems like now's the perfect time for the duo to drop something.

Kylie Cosmetics already has pretty much every product under the sun, though, so they'll have to get creative:

Kendall and Kylie have such differing beauty preferences, with Kendall going for a more natural, no-makeup look, and Kylie often opting for an all-out glam, defined look. I'd love to see a sort of day-to-night collection with lighter looks inspired by Kendall, and then additional products to amp things up Kylie-style. I just know Kendall could inspire the perfect barely there brow gel for me to pair with overlined lips courtesy of a statement Kylie Lip Kit, and until my dreams become a reality, I'll be patiently waiting for the duo to spill more deets on their future collab.