Kylie Cosmetics' New Setting Powders Are Almost Here, So Both Your Makeup & Life Will Be Set

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Amid all of the latest Kardashian-Jenner drama, the youngest Jenner sister has still managed to release a new makeup product this week. Because I mean, nothing — not even best friend vs. sister turmoil — can come between a girl and her beauty business, right? The latest products to hit Kylie's digital shelves are the new Kylie Cosmetics setting powders, because what other way to trick yourself into believing your life is "set" than by setting your makeup?

On Thursday, Feb. 28, the beauty mogul took to her personal and brand Instagram feeds to reveal the six shades of powders designed to set makeup, combat oily skin, and provide a natural-looking glow. The finishing powders are set to launch on the Kylie Cosmetics website on March 7, so Kylie Cosmetics lovers have just about a week until they can add the finishing step to their makeup collection.

The super-fine soft powders are going to be available in a translucent shade, as well as a soft pink, a beige, a yellow, dark brown, and deep dark shade, so an array of different skin tones can cop one of the powders in order to finish off a look.

On the night of the reveal, in typical Kylie fashion, the makeup mogul took to her personal Instagram stories to give her fans a closer look at the new products and let them know exactly how to use them.

In the beginning of the reveal, Kylie debuted a light pink Kylie Cosmetics box showcasing all six of the powders, which makes me believe that you'll have the option to buy the powders as a set or individually. While the price of the powders is yet to be announced, if I had to guess, I'd say they're probably around the same price as the Kylie Cosmetics bronzers and blushes, which cost $18 each.

"As some of you may have guessed already, I'm launching powders," Kylie said in her Instagram stories. "I'm really excited for this because I feel like powder is such an important part of my makeup, [and] it was really important to release this right after blushes, bronzers, and highlighters." She added that a setting powder "completes every look" and that she spent a great deal of time perfecting the colors, the velvety feel of the powders, and ensuring there's no flashback in photos.

Now, if you're someone who typically reaches for a liquid makeup setting spray over a loose finishing powder when setting your makeup, let me break down the differences for you. While both products help to keep your makeup in tact, setting sprays typically act as a seal over your makeup, while powders are meant to work with your makeup. Finishing powders like Kylie's are often used to create an all-over brightening effect, while reducing the appearance of any creases and balancing the secretion of oils on your face throughout the day. Another difference between setting sprays and setting powders is that sprays are typically spritzed all over the face (just like facial mists), while powders are typically dabbed underneath the eyes, on the nose, and on the T-zone, or basically any areas that are susceptible to unwanted shine and creases in foundation and concealer.

If you already know you have to get your hands on Kylie Cosmetics' new setting powders, you can do so come March 7 over on the Kylie Cosmetics website. Even if your life isn't necessarily "set," at least your makeup can be.