Kendall Jenner Puts Her Singing Skills On Display In Hilarious New Commercial

by Robert Anthony

Will someone ink a record deal with Kendall Jenner already?!

I know she doesn't have a demo tape or anything to convince record label executives she deserves a shot in the music industry, but her latest commercial with Estee Lauder should fill the void.

Kendall Jenner recently appeared in a new campaign for New York-based cosmetics company Estee Lauder along with singer-songwriter Elle King.

The new commercial begins with Jenner sitting on her couch as King and her friends walk out the front door after a party. A concerned Kendall then asks,

Yo, you guys are really not going to help me clean up?

Elle King basically responds by saying she has better things to do, like hit the studio and record music. King then turns around to leave and accidentally drops her Estee Lauder lipstick on the floor.


Kendall gets up from the couch to start cleaning up while mocking King, mimicking,

I gotta go record.

While cleaning up, Kendall notices the lipstick King dropped on the ground and picks it up. At this point in the commercial, the scenes are alternating between a singing Elle King at the studio and Kendall Jenner at home.

Kendall begins to apply the lipstick she found and realizes she can actually "sing" once it's applied. Strangely, the 21-year-old model sounds a lot like King when she sings "Wild Love"... That's probably because she was lipsynching the entire time!

OK, so Kendall can't sing, but at least we know she's damn good at make-believe.


Perhaps the funniest part about the new commercial is when Elle King starts to lose her own singing ability as Kendall sings. This reminds me of the time the "Monstars" from "Space Jam" stole some NBA players' athleticism.

Eventually, a frustrated King leaves the recording studio and returns to Kendall's house to find the model dancing around and singing by herself. Let's just say she didn't handle things too well at the end.

Check out Kendall Jenner's new commercial with Estee Lauder featuring singer Elle King.

Damn, I was kind of getting into that... Does anyone else think Kendall needs to pursue a career in acting after modeling?!

Since I'm a dude, I wouldn't say I'm particularly "sold" on buying Estee Lauder cosmetics after watching this commercial, but I will definitely help you clean up if no one else will, Kendall.

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