Kendall Jenner Is The New Face Of Proactiv To Start An Important Conversation On Skin Positivity

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As someone who has woken up with a surprise ~blessing~ of cystic acne on more mornings than I care to count, the ability to open up and be transparent when it comes to skin issues is something I not only value personally, but appreciate from others as well. While I love a little real talk with my peers, I especially respect celebrities who aren't afraid to get vocal about their imperfections — and in an age where Instagram has me half-convinced perfect people really do exist (spoiler: they don't, though), the honesty means more now than ever before. That's why I'm here for the fact that Kendall Jenner is the new face of skincare brand Proactiv.

Yup, you read that right. Models like Kendall Jenner, who have access to some of the best skincare treatments in the world, can have acne. Singers can have acne. Actors and actresses can have acne, too. I have acne, maybe you've had acne, and apparently, Kendall Jenner can really relate. Her first-ever commercial with Proactiv aired during the 2019 Golden Globes, and she used it as an opportunity to talk about how one red carpet moment in particular really affected her self-confidence when it came to her skin.

Here's part of the commercial, which the brand posted on Instagram:

"I remember last year, I was at an award show, and I was very excited about it, I'd never been before. I remember getting ready that day, getting my makeup on," Jenner says in the commercial. "I got on the carpet, I felt really good about myself: I loved my dress, and my hair, and my makeup was so beautiful. Then, I remember going online and seeing all the horrible things people were saying about me and my skin. I felt so good that I completely forgot that I had bad skin."

BTW, the award show she's referencing was none other than last year's Golden Globes, so it makes sense that Proactiv decided to air the commercial during this year's show:

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Jenner goes on to say that, while a lot of haters insulted her skin, she also received numerous tweets of support amidst the hate. "It completely flipped my energy on it, but at the same time, I do want it gone," she says in the commercial. And lucky for her, Proactiv did the trick.

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"For me, I can honestly say that the magic was Proactiv," Jenner raves in the commercial. "I'm hoping that I can help people, and show people that this is the way that I got clear, and that hopefully, this is the way you can get clear."

If you're unfamiliar with Proactiv, they're touted as "America's #1 acne brand," and their products are intended to be used in three-step sets, or systems, to ensure the most benefits and see clear skin sooner. According to the brand, they have over 20 million customers worldwide, so Kenny isn't alone in loving her results.

As someone who personally deals with similar concerns, I know how upsetting dealing with severe acne can be — my acne often impacts my mental health more than most people know. While I don't know Jenner's personal journey in detail, if she feels strongly enough about her journey with acne to want to shed light on it now, I commend her for that. May we all take this as an important reminder, whether or not you're a Jenner stan, that these so-called flaws normal and not just acceptable, but totally beautiful.