Bella Thorne Gets Real About Struggle With Acne


Wait... celebrities are humans like us? They don't have blue blood or perfect skin?

Bella Thorne recently took to Instagram to talk about something she's super self-conscious about: her acne.

So, good news, middle school me: You aren't alone. But you are still a hideous monster for other reasons so don't get cocky!

Thorne wrote,


Leave it to Bella to keep it on the real real.

Thorne usually looks flawless on screen and on the red carpet, so it's nice that she's showing off her real face to her fans and 14 million followers who may be questioning why they can't be flawless too.

Spoiler alert: No one is really flawless. (Except me.)

The 18-year-old has talked about her struggle with acne before. She told InStyle that her self-esteem was seriously affected by her skin.


She said,

So, stop stressing about your skin -- because stress actually causes acne too.

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