9 Things I Know I'll Be Over By The Time I Hit 30

Growing up, to me, means two things. First, you start doing things that a true adult would do, like paying the bills on time and having a designated day for cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping. Second, you start talking about turning 30. (*Cue the iconic line from Hannah Montana: "Say what?!") Right now, you might not be able to imagine entering a new decade of your life, and may avoid the conversation at all costs. But, I know there are some things I'll be over by the time I turn 30 — and to be honest, I'm totally ready for what's next.

Unlike Joey from Friends in the episode where Rachel turns 30, I'm not crying over a birthday cake or making deals with any higher power. Don't get me wrong: Being in my 20s has been a dream come true. When else in my life am I going to be able to travel the world with friends, explore my passions, and eat ramen for dinner like it's my job? But, I know that the next decade of my life is going to be beautiful in its own way, too.

Going to bed before midnight? Sign me up. Ditching social media and my phone for a bit? Sure, that sounds like a good way to recharge. Not wasting any time on petty drama with friends and roommates? Heck yes! The next decade of my life sounds amazing, and I'll be over these nine things by the time I turn 30, anyway.

Taking Long Flights

Hopping on a plane is my favorite thing to do. In my spare time, I research tickets and itineraries to places all over the world, and save dreamy locations to my camera roll. I'd love to go zip-lining in Bali and swim in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

But, by the time I turn 30, I'll likely be so over these long flights and spending hours in an airport — especially if first class amenities aren't included. I mean, over 24 hours to get to the beach? No thanks.

Living In A Big City

Living in a big city in your 20s certainly has its perks. You have access to electric nightlife and can order a pizza on a Friday night, even if it's after midnight. There are also a lot of great opportunities to grow your career and professional life. But, that dream of having a purple apartment like Monica and Rachel's in Friends with a coffee shop downstairs gets old after a while.

By the time I turn 30, I'm going to be over riding the subway and running into crowds of people in areas like Times Square. Somewhere with a lot more trees and some peace and quiet sounds much better.

Posting On Social Media

By the time I turn 30, I'll be over posting on social media. I'm already starting to get sick of scrolling and making sure my Instagram feed looks on point. (Can somebody else just do it for me? Please!)

Coming up with clever captions and double-tapping on the reg can get pretty exhausting. So instead, I think I'll edit my photos with the latest Lightroom mobile presets, post them at my leisure, and enjoy being disconnected from the digital world in the next decade of my life.

Being On My Phone All The Time

The second I turn 30, I won't want to be on my phone as much. Right now, I'm totally dialed into social media, group chats, and everything else that's on my screen. That'll likely change, as I become more involved with my life as an adult.

I'm going to focus on what's happening right in front of me, and not be distracted by feeds and notification "dings" coming from the other room. Being present will be my priority.

Visiting My College Campus

As much as I love my college campus and reminiscing on memories from those four years, by the time I turn 30, I'll be over going to hockey games and alumni events. I won't want to be in the dorms for a weekend, and I won't know many people in town anymore. It'll be time to start some new traditions.

I'll cheer the teams on from my couch and get together with my friends on my own time. Together, we'll plan an annual girls' trip and grab lunch in the city. Now that sounds sweet, and so much better than the dining hall, too.

Staying Up Until Midnight Or Later

Staying up until midnight or later by the time I turn 30? No way! I'll be so over depending on coffee in the morning, and want to wake up feeling well-rested. I won't be hitting the snooze button as much, or starting a movie after 10 p.m. I won't want to sleep in until noon on the weekends, or waste a day laying around in bed, either. It just comes with the territory of being even more of an adult.

Having Petty Drama With Friends

By the time I turn 30, I'll be over having petty drama with friends. Truth is, nobody has time for toxic relationships and friendships. I'll make sure that none of that negativity follows me into the next decade of my life.

I won't want to deal with arguments over cleaning the dishes, or missing a coffee date for an important interview. I'll want to be surrounded by people who are positive, understanding, and living their #bestlife, too.

Keeping Up With The Latest Trends

I've always been one to keep up with the latest trends. Even if I don't purchase the cute sherpa jacket or over-the-knee boots that are all over the runways and stores, I still like to know what's hot and what's not.

But, by the time I turn 30, I might be exhausted trying to keep up with the newest products, brands, and colors of the year. I'll want to invest in pieces that will last in my closet from season-to-season, and embrace the word "vintage" instead.

Wasting My Own Time

By the time I turn 30, I will be so over making excuses, creating obstacles, and wasting my time. I'll want to be chasing my dreams at full force, and not worrying about what other people might think.

Let's be honest: Right now, you may very well be in the same position. You're thinking of all the reasons why something can't or won't happen, instead of taking the leap and saying, "I'll give it a try." The next decade of your life will be different, though, because you're working toward this new mindset and making way for 30 and what's next.