9 Real Struggles Only Wine Drinkers Knows To Be True

What is life without a little bit of wine? If you're 21 or over, then you may have sipped a few different flavors by now and understand the beauty of a bold red. You've found your favorites, and seek them out in every liquor store. One day, you'll try something new (Pinky promise!) But for now, you can't help but grab the labels you love, every single time. You've fallen head over heels for moscato, and are a firm believer that everything happens for a riesling. Let's be honest: The struggles of drinking wine are very real, but they won't keep you from pouring a glass and clinking to the weekend.

You've stained your white shirts, and gone an entire Wednesday without a sip of wine. Life comes with a lot of curveballs, especially when you're a 20-something. But, you never expected your brand to be completely sold out. Maybe you can't find your wine opener, or the cork fell into the bottle. Should I keep going, or are you cringing already?

Yes, your relationship with wine has been one for the books. Over the years, you've learned to stop and smell every rosé, even if it's not your favorite. You decided that running out of wine is in fact a form of cardio, and always ask yourself, "Wine not?" These nine struggles are too true for you. It's not always as perfect as a glass of pink wine.

When You Make A Pour Decision Branching Out From Your Usual Bottle Of Wine

Nothing is worse than branching out from your go-to bottle of wine and being disappointed. You went into the store with such high hopes, and asked the worker for their recommendation. They suggested that you try this local label, that was a bit fruity for fall.

Unfortunately, it just didn't live up to your expectations, and now you're wondering what to do with the rest of it. I mean, do you just put the cork back in? Maybe your roommate will appreciate your pour decision.

When It's Wednesday, But There's No Wine

Your cabinet is out of cabernet, and all of the stores are closed. You just got home from a long day at work, or your night class, and just want to sit on the couch with a glass of wine. But, instead, you have to settle for a cold beer or a below average glass of water. Well, this is no way to spend a Wednesday.

If you're a loyal wine drinker, then you understand the struggle of letting "hump day" come and go without a hint of wine. Me and my roommates used to swear by this day, and it's probably one of the things I miss most about college.

When You Have To Choose Between White And Red

When it comes to wine, you have to make some tough decisions. You'll be at a family party, and your aunt will ask you whether you prefer white or red. You just tell her, "Whatever's already open is fine!" but on the inside, you really want one glass of each.

Truth is, the FOMO (and struggle) is real every time you pick one bottle over the other. You feel like you're missing out on a Pinot Noir that could've paired so well with your meal, or a blend that came straight from Barcelona. Thank goodness rosé exists, huh? Then you never have to pick just one flavor for your palette.

When It's Not Appropriate To Wine Down

Believe it or not: It's not always time for wine. On Monday morning, you pour yourself a cup of coffee, and when you're working out, water is probably your number one choice. You go out with your girls on a Saturday night, and there's not much of a selection. A bar would have been better, but clubs don't always have your favorite bottle. It can seriously be a struggle when you want to wine down, and well, can't.

Don't worry, though! Soon enough, you'll be pouring yourself another glass and getting in touch with your grapes. Too much of a good thing isn't good anymore, right?

When You Get A Wine Stain

Grapes gone bad, am I right? One second, you thought you were on the same side. You were having a casual night with your best friends, and sipping something red. Somebody told a really fun joke, or you reached for the chips, and then it was game over.

The aftermath is a wine stain that you're convinced won't come out. You're scrolling on Pinterest trying to find DIY ideas, and calling your friends who studied textiles in college. You're thinking to yourself, "Why on Earth did you decide to wear white when you knew it was a wine night?" Ugh, you'll know better next time.

When The Good Wine Is Expensive AF

The struggle is sometimes so real when you want a really good bottle of wine, but don't want to break the bank. You've heard about those reds that have been aging since you were in middle school, and the expensive flavors that got shipped in from France. You don't even dare to walk down that aisle in the store. Even just looking at the labels makes your wallet cringe.

One day, you'll splurge on the fancy cabernet, or get a pricey Pinot Grigio for a date night. Today's not that day, though. Fingers crossed it comes sooner rather than later.

When No One Has A Wine Opener

Every once in a while, you forget your wine opener. In the moment, you're sort of in denial. You check all around the couch, shuffle through your bag, and go through the kitchen drawers. After at least a solid 10 minutes of looking, you realize that your roommate took it for the night. Well, what do you do now?

You call up your besties, and declare an emergency. On the other side of the phone, you're literally starting at the bottle and trying not to shed a few tears. So close, yet so far. You don't even care if it all sounds a bit dramatic.

When Your Glass Is Empty

Refill, please! Being a wine lover comes with a lot of struggles. But, when your glass is empty, it's like a piece of heart has gone missing. In a perfect world, your roommate sees that you're out, and fills you up. (After all, you're watching a movie, and bought this bottle just for the occasion!)

But, every once in a while, there's isn't any more wine to give. That's right — you and your girls finished the bottle, and so your glass will stay empty until another wine Wednesday comes around. You're feeling a bit sad and lonely, until your roommate suggests hitting up happy hour tomorrow. Yes, please. You had me at merlot.

When All Of Your Buds Like Beer

Some of your buds like beer over wine, and you just don't understand. You've shown up to hangouts with a bottle, and instead, they'll crack a cold one. What did wine ever do to them?

You'll go out to eat, and everyone will order something on tap. By the time the waiter comes around, you've picked out a dry red wine that's supposedly from Italy. Your friends are over there saying, "No way, rosé!" and you're wondering if you need to recruit some new pals who appreciate a riesling. It's such a struggle, and you don't want to take a solo trip to the winery next weekend.