8 Things The White Wine Drinker Really Wants Her Friends To Know, ASAP

When the sound of Chardonnay being poured into your glass is music to your ears, and you drool over the sweet aroma of Riesling — you've reached the ultimate white wine-loving status. In my opinion, white wine doesn't get enough credit when it's compared to the luscious reds many people love. But the white wine drinker definitely wants you to know a few things before you pass on the pinot.

White wine has a tendency of being light, but that doesn't mean the party isn't getting started. Like reds, white wines have the potential to pull different notes from foods, like cheeses and fish. It really just depends on which white wine you're into or are willing to give a try.

Reds and whites — a wine feud that will never subside because most sippers are convinced their wine is the unicorn of all wines. You can't go wrong with either, though, because wine is wine. Any wino can attest to the sound of any bottle — red or white — popping open as pure harmonious joy. For the white wine lover specifically, it's time to set the record straight just a tad. So, for the sake of sauvignon blanc and the rest of the gang, there a few things the white wine drinking friend wants you to know.

She's Not Entirely Against Red Wine

She loves white wine, but that doesn't mean she absolutely hates reds. There's no specific pattern to how people fall into their favorite wine brands — it just happens naturally. So, before you discredit her of all reds because she likes whites, just ask her.

There's More To White Wine Than You Think

People who like reds tend to get really into the intricate details that make a good red wine. From the body to the color, there's so much to look out for. White wine isn't as cut and dry as people make it out to be. There are still qualities and things to look out for when deciding if you're drinking a magical white wine.

White Wine From A Box Can Be Delicious, Too

It's easy to get those disapproving stares when you whip out a huge box of white wine. In all honesty, though, it's still pretty delicious. Drinking wine out of a box can come in clutch on so many occasions. You're simply making your adult beverage of choice more accessible and mobile, if need be.

White Wine Is The Spritzer Poster Child

OK, not to rub the magnificence of white wine in anyone's face, but it is the best thing for a spritzer. When you're relaxing on a lounge chair poolside and order a spritzer from the cash bar, you are more than likely getting a white wine concoction. See, don't sleep on white wine!

She Knows How To Mimosa The Heck Out Of A Sunday

For the friend who already loves white wine, she has tried various kinds of mimosas and knows the surefire way to solidify a boozy Sunday. White wine is what she does, so adding a little bit of bubbles doesn't intimidate her. You'd be wise to see to a white wine lover for mimosa tips.

White Wine Is Sangria's Spirit Animal

Again, I'm not trying to mention all of the gold stars white wine has, but sangria is another one of them. Your white wine loving friend may have packed so many fresh fruits into her batch that you assumed because of the color that she used red. Oh, how wrong you'd be. Sangria and white wine are so meant for each other.

She Doesn't Really Like The Stained Tongue Thing

Imagine being in a room where you are the only one drinking white wine. You turn to the person to your left and to your right, and suddenly you feel like you are in a Dracula re-make. The whole stained mouth thing is not something she's used to. So, don't be surprised if she has a clove or two of garlic in her purse — just to be safe.

She Needs To Be Eased Slowly Into The Red Wine World

Yeah, there are many different kinds of white wines, but the massiveness of the red wine world can be a little intimidating. You'll want to shove numerous brands of red her way the second she asks you to introduce her to a few things, but you've got to take it slow. This stuff takes time and patience. The wine experience is a marathon, not a sprint.

The world of wine is so vast, there's room for everyone to like what they like. Red or white, winos will never stop swooning.