The Girl Who Always Orders Wine At The Bar Can Relate To These 7 Things

When your drink at the bar isn't topped with a Marciano cherry, but the taste of succulent grapes, you're likely the regular girl ordering wine at the bar. It's not as uncommon as you think, even though you're usually the only one reaching for a glass with a stem. For the girl who drinks wine, you're likely already used to the bartender reaching to the way back of the fridge for your wine bottle.

This is one of many things that happens when you'd rather sip on Merlot than a mai tai or lemon drop. I mean, if the bar didn't want you to have this delicious euphoria in a glass, then why would it be on the menu? You have no issue ordering those reds and whites because no bottle of wine deserves to be neglected in your book, no matter the location.

Why are you drinking wine? That is such a loaded question and if you weren't already cruising toward a Chardonnay wonderland, you might actually consider answering it with a straight face. Who cares if you're that girl who orders wine at the bar. Raise your glasses with other winos and nod as you totally relate to these struggles of ordering wine at the bar counter.

You Get Coined As Lonely If You're By Yourself

How in the heck did wine somehow label someone as lonely? It's an interactive drink that warrants so many people to interact at places like wineries and vineyards. Ordering a wine after work really quick, doesn't mean you're lonely. It means you want a little slice of heaven after a day of absolute hell.

You Cringe At The Sight Of Anything On Your Glass

For some reason, you are even more shook when a smudge or anything is apparent on your wine glass. It can throw off everything and although it's pretty gross to have someone else's lipstick on your drink in general, your wine glass is different. You're all for everyone enjoying a glass, you just don't want the evidence that they did.

You're Used To The Bar Only Having The Basics

Unless you go to a bar designated for wine, you usually find yourself choosing between a basic red and white. And in the event that they have something a little extra special, you feel like you've hit the jackpot. Yeah, it's the little things in life, huh?

You Make A Peculiar Face When The Bartender's Pour Is A Tad Light

Ya know, for allegedly being one of the only people who orders wine, you sure do feel skimped on their supply. I get it; the proper pour exists, but it certainly feels a little light when you go out, doesn't it? If you made a convincing enough what the hell face, you may have landed yourself a few extra ounces one or twice.

Your Friends Give You Crap About It

Oh, friends. They will be the first ones to question why you even came to the bar if you were just going to order wine. They'll also try to buy you other drinks because they'll never be convinced that a glass of wine can satisfy you. They couldn't be more wrong.

You Don't Expect To Find A Suitable Food Pairing

If you're drinking wine at the bar, that's usually all you're having. Anything else will throw off the taste and you aren't paying a spiked price to taste something that's not enjoyable. So, yes, that's a hard pass on the salted peanuts.

You Compare The Bar Wine To What You Have At Home

Nothing's ever going to beat the wine you have at home because you hand-picked most of it. The wine from the bar will do, but don't be surprised if you are constantly comparing it to the bottles in your cabinet. The wine at the bar will do for now.

Cheers to all the girls who drink wine at the bar. Your wine enthusiast efforts are not going unnoticed.