8 Dinner Party Struggles That Girls Who Love Wine Know To Be True

If your alarm is used to going off when it's wine o'clock and you dream in shades of Merlot and lucidly adore the crisp taste of rosé, you're totally a wine girl. The exciting world of wine is heaven-sent once you turn 21. Wine is appropriate in almost every casual or elite gathering. In other words, the sip doesn't discriminate. There's one toughie, though that can be trying if you're a wine girl for real: dinner party struggles.

Dinner parties sound classy AF and they very well may be. Sometimes, it can just be a gathering of friends eating a home cooked meal, too. Either way, when you're so into wine, the entire outing can have you super confused on how to approach the situation.

You're all adults, but unlike wine, those potentially awkward moments don't get any better with age. You don't want to goof and bring a Niagara to a predominantly red wine-loving party or anything. Wine may be simple when you're gracefully enjoying it on your couch, but once a whole gathering is involved, your inner wine goddess is a little shook. There, there, wino. It will all work out in the end, but for now, you know these struggles to be all too true. *gulp*

Deciding Which Bottle To Bring

You have bottles on reserve for any occasion, but when you consider the tremendously different palates all congregating in one place, you end up in a wine-frenzy. You love red, but you could be entering a house full of people who love white wine. Wine is wine though, and as long as you don't show up empty handed, you're all good.

Trying Not To Critique Other People's Wine Choices

When you have found your wine spirit animal, you are convinced it is the best thing ever. You try not to critique other people's choices, but only if they have at least tried your suggestion or a variation of it, at least once. It really gets under your skin when someone discredits an entire kind or brand of wine and has never tried it.

Realizing You Don't Abide By The Proper Pour Rules

Again, dinner parties can be pretty efficient and you may have realized that the proper pour is something you haven't fully practiced. You aren't binge drinking or anything, but the proper pour may skimp what you're used to. You're not overlooking a lesson involving wine, you just like your pour better.

Worrying That The Food May Affect The Taste Of Your Wine

You don't want to pry beforehand, but you are itching to know the dinner party menu. Wine and the notes of fruits or potent ingredients in them, can be easily influenced or ruined by certain foods. You want an enjoyable wine experience, so you'll survey your plate for answers.

Leaving Most, If Not All, Of Your Wine Accessories At Home

You just got your hands on that new electric wine opener from Amazon and your new glasses are to die for. Unfortunately, you'll have to leave those trinkets at home because you aren't the one hosting. You'll have to think of a completely new party trick, but you might be able to get away with bringing a fashionable wine tote.

Holding Back On Sniffing New Wines You've Never Tried

At the winery, you can get nose-deep in a glass of wine you have never tried before. When you're at a dinner party, that kind of wine enthusiast behavior will warrant awkward stares and may even get you a side chat in the kitchen. It's going to be tough, but stick to what you're used to, so you're not tempted to take a whiff.

Refraining From Saying "Ah" After Each Sip

Wine can be oh-so-relaxing that the occasional "ah" as you sip its fruitiness, is second-nature now. Again, you're going to be around other people, so try to contain vocal expressions of how good they are. Unless of course, you are turning to the person next to you and commenting how good it is.

Containing Yourself When Someone Asks About Your Wine Preference

You are instantly stoked and ready to go when someone inquires about your favorite wines. You could legitimately talk about it all day, but it's not your dinner party, so you can't try to steal the show. It'll be hard not to dive deep into your wine enthusiast ways, but you'll find a way to hold back.

You were a wine lover before the dinner party and you will surely be one once it's over. Take a deep breath and wine down. You got this.