Alexa Mellardo

These Jennie Garth-Inspired Tips Perfect Your Dinner Party

I attended The Dining Room by Marie Callender's lavish dinner party with Jennie Garth last week, and it defined chic AF.

From colorful mercury glass candleholders to stunning yellow chandeliers, The Dining Room in SoHo is decked out in the finest decor… and it's most certainly the place to book your glam holiday gathering.

When pulling off your own trendy dinner party this holiday season, here are four tips I learned, inspired by Jennie.

1. Have a signature cocktail for the event ready to go.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a beautiful tray of festive glasses filled to the brim with Apple Pie Sangria, The Dining Room's signature cocktail.

No joke, I could have drank that Apple Pie Sangria all night long like it was my job, I was so irrevocably in love with it.

Having cocktails ready to go for guests when they arrive gives them the opportunity to sip the finest flavors of the season as they mingle. And let's be real here, who would pass up a delicious holiday-inspired cocktail?

Have your own signature cocktail for the event — something that makes the dinner party super special and defines it.

2) Deck the halls with candles… and lots of them.


The pop-up venue features gorgeous dining rooms co-designed by Jennie Garth, Stacy London and Daphne Oz.

Each dining room space featured a variety of unique candleholders, which varied in size and height. This created such a beautiful and intimate feeling for guests as they enjoyed their meal.

Not to mention, it gave guests the ultimate lighting for Instagramming their mouthwatering dinners… JUST saying.

3) Avoid the stress, and make DIY place cards.


Once dinner was served, I realized my seating card was placed right next to the one and only Jennie Garth's, and I could NOT contain my excitement.

Savoring a divine multi-course meal while casually chatting it up with Jennie at the trendiest spot in town? SIGN THIS GIRL OVA HERE UP.

Setting place cards down before guests arrive avoids the confusion and stress of figuring out where everyone should sit once it's time for appetizers. Do yourself a favor, and make place cards beforehand. And have fun with the design!

4) Serve a really creative dessert (…not just any dessert).

Alexa Mellardo

Try not to salivate: the first course at the dinner party consisted of a delicious turkey quiche with fried mashed potato bites. The main course featured chicken pot pie and Vermont white cheddar mac and cheese (which was seriously to die for).

When it was time for dessert, all of the guests were given a cute personal-sized apple pie that we could decorate with chocolate syrup, caramel, strawberry syrup and an assortment of funky sprinkles. It was right up my alley, and all of the guests seemed to really enjoy it as well.

Incorporating something unique and fun into your dessert makes for a lot of laughs and great pictures. A DIY pie tray, like the one at The Dining Room, is always an awesome idea.

'Tis the season to party it up with friends… so have an awesome time while doing it!