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9 Punny Christmas Cards That'll Help You Sleigh The Holiday Season In Style

by Caroline Burke and Alexa Mellardo
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It’s that holly jolly time of year that makes you feel like a kid again. From placing beautifully wrapped presents under the tree, to enjoying the sweet aroma of chocolate mint crinkle cookies baking in the oven, you’re ready to grab your Santa hat and sleigh all the holiday traditions you know and love. This year, you might not be home with your family to celebrate Christmas due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but wherever you’re ringing in the holidays, you can still send your loved ones punny Christmas cards that’ll make them instantly smile.

Whether they're e-cards, printables, or good ol' fashioned snail mail, finding funny cards to celebrate one of the oldest traditions in the book is fun for everyone involved. If you didn’t send out Christmas cards yet this year, there’s still lots of time to send a digital one or even print out cards you can surprise your housemates with on Christmas morning. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests staying safe at home with your immediate household for the holidays and avoiding travel. So, making a punny Christmas card is a fun activity you can do right at home on the holiday. What better time for your friends and family to receive a personal message?

Of course, humor is in the eye of the beholder, which is why you should tailor your punny holiday card search based on who you’re sending it to. Here are some really punny holiday cards for all of the different people in your life.

This Card Is For The Jingle Ladies

All the jingle ladies: Toss your hands up around the Christmas tree while holding a martini. This card is super adorable for all the best friends you are so happy to have in your life.

This Card Is So Relatable

2020 has been quite the year, and even Santa is talking about it. Put your well-wishes inside this digital card that’s sure to brighten up your loved ones’ holiday.

This Card Is For The Coolest Cat In Your Life

Calling all cool cats: This printable card is one that’ll be chosen by a cool cat and given to one. It’s downright purr-fect and will bring on all the joy.

This Card Wishes All A Merry Swiftmas

If your loved ones love Taylor Swift, they will certainly love this card that’s wishing all a Merry Swiftmas. How punny would it be to pair this card with a Christmas cardigan gift? It would be very Swift of you, so grab this digital download right now.

This Card Has A Sassy Gingerbread Man On It

Like all of us, this gingerbread man is so done with 2020. This printable card is cute, punny, and will pair perfectly with homemade gingerbread cookies or anything sweet you’re giving your housemates. Now, this is a gingerbread man you can catch.

This Card Has Dancing Marshmallows

It should always be a marshmallow world in your hot chocolate mug. Send this silly "Dance of the Marshmallows" e-card from Hallmark to someone you love to sweeten up their holiday.

This Card Shows Even Rudolph Has The Look Of The Year

Even Rudolph is following the proper safety precautions with a festive red face mask this year. It coordinates with his look so he’s all ready to safely enjoy the holiday. Purchase, download, and print out this card ASAP.

This Card Totally Sums Up 2020

This digital holiday card is here to give your loved ones a solid laugh about rolling with everything 2020 has thrown their way. You can send it from yourself or have your whole housemate crew join in on the fun.

This Card Is Perfectly Punny For Dog Lovers

This digital talking Santa dog from Blue Mountain can be totally personalized with any punny message you’d like this pup to say. Blue Mountain has great recommendations for messages like, “I’m woofing you a dog-gone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,” or “Bah Hum Pug.”

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