9 Punny Christmas Cards That'll Help You Sleigh The Holiday Season In Style

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes cold weather (for some), awkward work parties (for most), and jam-packed email inboxes (for all). A good amount of the holiday season is basically only fun when you're a kid — with the exception of creating and sending holiday cards. It's a lesser known truth about growing up that one of the biggest perks you'll enjoy in December is flipping through endless punny Christmas cards.

It doesn't matter if they're e-cards or good ol' fashioned snail mail. Finding funny cards to celebrate one of the oldest traditions in the book is a fun time for everyone, especially since it can get pretty boring to open an envelope or an email and see another picture of a couple with a dog and a wreath wishing you a happy new year.

But with all fun things comes good, healthy competition. There are so many funny cards to choose from that you want to make sure you pick the funniest one, not just one that gives you a decent chuckle. Of course, humor is in the eye of the beholder, which is why you should tailor your punny holiday card search based on who you want to laugh so hard, they practically pee themselves. Here are nine of the best punny Christmas and holiday cards for nine different people in your life.

1. For That Person Who Saw Jurassic Park On Opening Night

Turtle Soup

Turtle's Soup Funny Dinosaur Christmas Card, $4, Etsy

This dinosaur take on "'Tis The Season" is fantastic, and yes, I've now been whisper-singing "Fa rawr rawr rawr rawr" for about two minutes straight.

I mean, come on a velociraptor in a Santa hat, running around causing mayhem while singing Christmas jingles. This is just pure gold, people.

2. For The Kind Of Awkward Corporate Mailing List


Fleece Navidad Business Holiday Cards, 100 for $167, Minted

Fleece Navidad — get it? Because it's a sheep! OK, I might find this one funnier than most, probably because I'm literally the person who buys those puppy calendars every year. But seriously, how cute are these fluff balls with scarves?

3. For The Luda Fan In Your Life

Shailey Ann Design

Merry LudaChristmas Card, $4, Shailey Ann Design

The mere fact that Ludacris has been combined with a festive holiday greeting vibe to give you low-key, all-around-cool-person credibility is a gift that keeps on giving.

Give this card to your fellow intern, your newfound fling, or your husband of 10 years; it honestly works in every situation. I mean, who doesn't love Luda?

4. For The Friend Who's Dreading The Holidays


The Naughty Little Card Shop's How To Survive Christmas Card, $4, Etsy

For the sardonic friend in your group, this card says it all. And honestly, if you don't relate to this card even a little bit, please take me to your holiday get-togethers and save me from my own.

5. For The Friend Who Always Tells You About The Latest Apps

Nocturnal Paper

Nocturnal Paper Appy New Year Card, $4, Etsy

I am a big, big fan of this card. Coming from a generation of millennials who need an app for everything, what better way to acknowledge the stereotype than to poke a little fun at it?

Besides, it's just as true in a literal sense as it is in a punny one. We will have an appy new year, dammit!

6. For The Friend Who Loves A Good Dad Joke


Merry Christmas Two Ewe Tea Towel, $9, Eweniverse

If you have a friend (or a literal parent) who loves a good, corny dad joke, this is the towel can be substituted for a card. Get it? Two ewes? Insert corny chuckle here.

This one would also be an excellent choice for any grandparents who still read cartoons from the newspaper every day. Too freaking cute, amirite?

7. For The Vegan Friend


BeccyKittyDesigns Avo Merry Christmas Card, $4, Etsy

There are two options for how people feel about avocados: Either they like them, or they love them. This card is the perfect way to tell someone you love to "avo" Merry Christmas, indeed.

8. For Your Sarcastic Co-Worker

Amy Presuhn on Twitter

Tweets Holiday Card, free, Someecards

Sometimes a well-placed e-card means just as much as any form of snail mail. Someecards has endless options for holiday perusing, and honestly, they're all hilarious.

9. For Your Jewish Friend Who Wants To Get Lit


Darkroom and Dearly Funny Hanukkah Card, $4, Etsy

This one goes out to your friend who can't wait to get the Hanukkah party started, and who constantly reminds you not to freak out over the spelling of the holiday itself when you write inside of the card.

Now all you have to do is find seven more cards to give, one for each day of Chanukah. (Is that the correct way? SOS.)