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43 Holiday Puns To Use When Your Presents Is Requested On The 'Gram

by Ciara Johnson
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It's officially the holiday season, and I'm so ready for Christmas music and homemade apple pie — with a side of holiday puns, of course. There are endless ways to celebrate and get into the holiday spirit, even within the space of your own home. Decorating your space with fairy lights, setting up a mini tree on your desk, curling up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate are just a few ideas. Whatever you choose to do this season, here are some puns about the holidays to capture all of the memories you make, because you'll always want to showcase these good times on the 'Gram.

Thanks to social media, you have the ability to share the holidays with your friends and family, regardless of your physical locations. You also have the opportunity to share your beloved traditions with people from throughout the globe. I bet you probably already have a few Instagram-worthy pictures in mind, so here are some holiday puns that will lighten up your feed.

1. "Dont’ be elfish."

2. "Icy what you did there."

3. "Do yule miss me?"

4. "Your presents is requested."

5. "You are the apple pie of my eye."

6. "Wishing you a Bear-y Christmas."

7. "I candy cane’t wait!"

8. "I am snow hungry."

9. "Puns are so candy cane-y — I mean corny."

10. "Eat, drink, and be merry."

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11. "Let’s take an elfie."

12. "Make it rein."

13. "It’s the most wine-derful time of the year."

14. "There’s snow place like home."

15. “Don’t be rude-olph.”

16. "Fa la la la la, la la llama."

17. "Believe in your’elf.”

18. "Stressing during the holidays? Ain't nobody got thyme for that!"

19. "All spruced up."

20. "Feeling pine."

21. "You Christmas light up my life."

22. "If you’re lucky, I’ll grace you with my presents."

23. "Just keep eating. Just keep eating."

24. "OK fam, let's get this bread."

25. "Have your’elf a merry little Christmas."

26. "Meowy Christmas and a Happy Fur Year."

27. "Never forget these gourd times."

28. "Stop, drop, and pass the rolls!"

29. "Yule never forget this Christmas"

30. "Wishing you a very cranberry Christmas."

31. "Snow day!"

32. "There's no doubt that we have chemistree."

33. "The holidays make me really Santa-mental."

34. "I'm the best Christmas wrapper who ever lived."

35. "Pass the rein-beers."

36. "Sleigh my name. Sleigh my name."

37. "Snowball till I fall."

38. "Resting Grinch face."

39. "It's lit!"

40. "We're all rebels without a Claus."

41. "You better sleigh those Christmas pictures."

42. "Say it ain't snow."

43. “Claus I said so!”

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