A woman wearing a green flannel cuts up vegetables in her kitchen.
TikTokers Are Crafting St. Paddy's Day Charcuterie Boards & They're So Charming

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St. Patrick's Day is all about living it up with good food, fun drinks, and even better company. You know it just wouldn't be a paddy without a charcuterie board for snacking on. In honor of the holiday, you need to check out some St. Patrick's Day charcuterie boards on TikTok. TikTokers are putting together themed boards with treats like Irish cheeses and green-colored vegetables that are not only festive AF, but totally Insta-worthy.

Before assembling, check out a few other St. Patrick's Day charcuterie boards for inspiration. It may just help you figure out which direction you want to take your board in. For instance, you could go all green with your theme, and put together a color-coordinated board that matches your #OOTD. Or, if you'd like to stick with some traditional Irish foods, you can have a board that includes noms like soda bread and corned beef. It's really up to you and whatever you want to be snacking on while you're drinking a green beer (if you're 21 and up).

You may have a few ideas already in mind, but these eight St. Patrick's Day charcuterie boards on TikTok will be the final inspiration you need to make it all possible. That way, you're ready for a shamrockin' good time.

A Charcuterie Board With Irish Foods

For just a light St. Patrick's Day treat, you can make something like this snack-sized charcuterie board with specifically Irish foods. Assembled by TikToker @thatcheeseplate, this board has Irish cheddar, soda bread, rye, and corned beef. It's all about the traditional taste rather than a themed presentation.

A Sweet Board With Lucky Charms

If you've got more of a sweet tooth, you might want to put together a dessert board. At the center of this board, TikToker @thepedalingpa has a Skittles rainbow that leads to a golden pot filled with Lucky Charms marshmallows ($1, Target). Surrounding the rainbow, you can also include some other green sweets like mint chocolate Ghirardelli squares ($25, Ghirardelli) and mint Oreos ($4, Target).

An All Green Charcuterie Board

Since green is the color of St. Paddy's Day, you can't go wrong with just an all-green board. Follow TikToker @grapestocrepes and only use green veggies and fruits, like broccoli, kiwi, celery, and grapes. If you want to go above and beyond, you can also put a rainbow made out of sliced fruit at the center of all the green.

A Hearty Charcuterie Board With Loaded Potatoes

Most charcuterie boards are for snacking on, but if you want something to really fill you up, put together this hearty St. Patrick's Day board. This is perfect for a planned picnic in the backyard to celebrate with your partner. On TikToker @shop.bycolette's board, there are loaded potatoes, chicken wings, and fried pickles surrounded by green veggies. It's like a full meal on one board.

A St. Patrick's Day Board With Green Highlights

You don't have to put together a completely green charcuterie board if there are some non-green snacks you want to include. TikToker @charquteofficial has this subtle St. Patrick's Day board. At first glance, it may look just like a typical charcuterie board, but there are a few green highlights thrown in. For example, there is a green jalapeño pepper jelly for spreading onto your crackers and delicious green olives as well.

A Gold And Green Charcuterie Board

Try making a two-tone charcuterie board that is green and gold. Taking a cue from TikToker @kaaayyyyllllaaaa, you can mix some green foods, like cucumbers, pickles, and sugared grapes, with some golden snacks, like carrots, walnuts, and Rolos ($4, Target). You could even use some black cauldrons ($8, Amazon) for your dips to resemble a leprechaun's pot of gold.

A Shamrock Charcuterie Board

One way to make your charcuterie board St. Patrick's Day themed is to cut your cheese into shamrock shapes. Just use a shamrock cookie cutter ($7, Amazon) or freehand cut your variety of cheeses into shamrock shapes. Then, place around your board like TikToker @twinspirational with some shamrock cookies and mini cupcakes with shamrock decorations.

A Charcuterie Board With Only Irish Cheese

There are plenty of Irish cheeses out there that you can make an entire board with just Irish cheese. TikToker Ashley Carter (@watchmylocs) uses three different Irish cheeses with some rose-shaped meats and chocolate-covered strawberries to fill in the additional space. To achieve a similar board, you just need to pick out a variety of Irish cheeses that are soft, hard, and crumbly.