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These 7 TikTok Desserts Will Totally Strike Gold On St. Patrick’s Day

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The sweetest part about St. Patrick's Day is obviously the festive treats. The best ones are always unique, easy to whip up, Insta-worthy, and of course, decorated in gold and green. If you're looking for some new recipes that follow this criteria to shamrock your housemates' world, well, you're in luck. These St. Patrick's Day desserts on TikTok tick all the boxes to make sure your dessert spread strikes gold.

You'll find there's a St. Patrick's Day dessert on this list that can cater to all your housemates' tastebuds. Looking for something sweet and salty? There's a shamrock pretzel pop recipe calling your name. If you're searching for something full of sugary goodness, you can create a vanilla cupcake decorated in green and hiding cannoli cream inside. It's safe to say no one at the table will be expecting that extra creamy filling when they go in to take a bite. Or, if you have a roomie who loves mixing mint with chocolate, then leprechaun cookies will satisfy their sweet tooth while curbing their peppermint cravings.

Your sweet treats will go down in St. Paddy's Day history once your roomies taste how yummy they are. Before you and your crew polish off the plate, be sure to snap a video showing off your festive delights so you can unveil your St. Patrick's Day desserts on TikTok, too.

This Cupcake Is Hiding Cannoli Cream Inside

If you're looking for a St. Paddy's Day dessert that is out of the box, then this cannoli cupcake recipe is for you. This recipe takes a typical vanilla cupcake to the next level, adding a hint of lemon zest and the pièce de résistance: the cannoli cream. The cream is made of whipped cream cheese, ricotta, powdered sugar, and lots of chocolate chips. The result? A seriously memorable sweet treat inside another delectable dessert.

This White Chocolate Fudge Has A Pot Of Gold In The Middle

Not only is this white chocolate fudge recipe easy to create, but it's also customizable. All you have to do is mix frosting with green food coloring, and whisk it together with melted white chocolate and cream cheese flavoring. Then it's time to get creative about designing your fudge. You can decorate with gold and leprechaun hat sprinkles like TikToker @paoladyee, or just use their video as inspo and decorate your fudge in your own way.

These Rice Krispie Treats Are Full Of Good Luck

Is it really a St. Patrick's Day without Lucky Charms? If you're in the mood for something sweet, crispy, and full of good luck, you'll want to check out this Rice Krispies recipe. These treats combine a typical Rice Krispies recipe of mini marshmallows, Rice Krispies cereal, and butter, and give it a St. Paddy's Day-twist by adding vanilla, salt, and of course, Lucky Charms. When you post a pic of this sweet on the 'gram, don't forget to give it a witty caption like, "Feeling lucky?"

These Leprechaun Cookies Are Minty And Chocolatey

These leprechaun cookies aren't your average mint chocolate chip cookies. For starters, they're green. Plus, they use peppermint extract to ensure the cookies taste like mint and not toothpaste, and they combine chocolate chips and crushed up Andes Chocolate Mints for double the minty and chocolatey goodness. Once you make these cookies, you'll be adding this recipe to your St. Paddy's Day must-haves.

This Shamrock Pretzel Pop Will Wow Your Feed

The design and structure of these shamrock pretzel pops may look expert level, but they're actually pretty straightforward. All you have to do is dip your pretzels in melted green candy melts. Before they dry, lay them out on parchment paper by placing the base of three pretzels close together to form a clover. Place a stick in between each set of three pretzels and top with green sprinkles. Once they dry, you can unveil them to your roomies. When they get a look at your stunning three-leaf clover, jaws will drop.

This Pot Of Gold Ice Cream Sundae Is A Frozen Sweet Treat

Take your St. Patrick's Day sundae to the next level by placing them in waffle cone bowl, aka pots of gold. TikToker @lunchboxdad creates pots of gold ice cream sundaes by spraying a waffle cone bowl with black food color spray. Then he tops the bowl with vanilla ice cream and Corn Pops cereal. The cereal resembles little nuggets of gold that will add a satisfying crunch to your sundae.

These Leprechaun Hat S'mores Are Almost Too Cute To Eat

You might find biting into one of these leprechaun hat s'mores difficult, because they look that realistic. But in actuality, these hats are made up of marshmallows and cookies and are easy AF to put together.

TikToker @cristinainthekitchen dips marshmallows and Keebler's Fudge Stripes in melted green-colored chocolate, keeping a little room on one end of the marshmallows empty. After allowing to dry, they dip the other end of the marshmallows in melted gold-colored chocolate and coat with gold sprinkles. To finish, they place the marshmallows on top of the cookies and decorate with three-leaf clovers. In the end, the desire to taste these delectable hats will win out over any reservations about messing up the design.

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