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8 Selfies To Snap At Home That Appear You're Home Sweet Someplace Else

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Chances are, you're running low on travel content that looks dreamy and adventurous for the 'gram. Here's the deal, though: Right now is the perfect opportunity to stage a photoshoot and get super creative at home. You don't need a vintage film camera or tripod in order to seize this opportunity, just some unique ideas for selfies to take at home that appear you're someplace else.

You may also want to collect props from around your space like a coffee mug, a rolling rack, or a bunch of potted plants. They'll help set the scene and make your followers wonder, "Wow, where are they?!" But, other than those few items, you won't need much. Your followers will likely look at your photo and believe you're lounging in a luxe hotel in the city or sipping espresso at a bistro at first glance. After pausing to read your telling caption that says, "Can we make this reality, please?" they may realize that you're at home and transformed your bathroom, kitchen, or living room.

In turn, they may try to get creative in their own space and make their closet look like a colorful dressing room of a store, or their patio seem like a poolside hangout. Pass along these selfie ideas to them once you have taken and posted your own on Instagram, and theoretically gone someplace else.

Sip An Espresso While Sitting At A Bistro Table
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Do you miss sitting in coffee shops for hours, catching up with friends or reading a juicy page-turner? If so, then create an adorable café setting right at home. Set up a bistro table near a window or on your patio, make yourself an espresso, and sip it while taking a selfie. Spice things up by taking a bite out of a flakey croissant, looking at a "menu," or chatting with your roommate on camera as well.

Look In A Mini Mirror While Posing Next To A Rolling Rack

Bring the thrift store vibes to your bedroom with this selfie idea. Start by setting up a rolling rack with your favorite fall outfits. This can include a corduroy shacket, pair of jeans, and even a scarf that's draped over the top. Then, as the camera clicks, check yourself out in a mini mirror you've clearly pulled out of a handbag tossed on your shoulder. Pose in front of the rolling rack to create a colorful and store-esque backdrop.

Relax On A Lounge Chair In A Bathing Suit In Your Backyard

It may not necessarily be summer anymore, but that doesn't mean you can't snap a quick selfie on a lounge chair in your backyard. You can wear your fave bathing suit, layered with a cardigan or pair of flowy pants, and a trendy hair scarf or floppy hat. Then, when the sun's shining just right, take a selfie while sipping a cocktail out of a vintage-looking glass, or chillin' next to a fiddle-leaf fig tree you've taken from your living room and set up in a nearby spot.

Hold A Tennis Racket And Lay Next To Painted Lines In Your Driveway

Getting a little sporty on Instagram is always a good idea, and this selfie will make it look like you're hitting the tennis courts. It will require a bit of prep work. You'll want to paint the white lines of a tennis court on your driveway as well as the blocks of color. Then, lay next to them with a water bottle to pretend you're taking a water break. Or, chill near them with a racket, ball, and visor, and snap away.

Roll Your Suitcase Down A Hallway
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In this shot, you'll be rolling your suitcase — which is empty in real life — down a hallway of your home. You'll rock a vacation outfit, like a maxi dress, sun hat, or pair of overalls. For this pic, be sure to gather up some Instagram captions for travel that'll make it seem like you've just checked into a hotel room.

Put On Dirndls And Set Up An Oktoberfest Celebration With Your Roomie

One of the best things to do in the fall is attend Oktoberfest in Germany, or a spirited festival or bar event in the U.S. So, grab your roomie and put on your dirndls. Don't forget to braid your hair, hold up your steins, and snap some selfies having an Oktoberfest right at home.

Hang Out In Bed With A Magazine And Your Hair In A Towel

To be honest, if you could be anywhere right now, it might be a plush hotel bed where you can happily kick back, relax, and read a magazine. So, why don't you deck out your bedroom like such with lights, reading material, and aesthetically-pleasing cheese boards? Wrap your hair up in a towel, open up the latest copy of InStyle, and then snap a selfie that has major #vacayvibes.

Snap A Few Selfies In A Classic Car
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Put your Photoshop skills to good use for this one. You'll want to take a selfie in the rearview mirror of your classic car (or side one, if that's more accessible.) When angling a camera or phone, make sure there's ample space for a dreamy background to be inserted — whether that be via your car's windshield or behind the side mirror where a garage door is.

After snapping your pic, upload it to Photoshop, and turn that space into a mountain range, beach at sunset, or even another planet using stock photos or images you've taken. Spend some time editing the background so it looks as realistic as possible, and like you're actually hitting the road someplace sweet.